March 15, 2008

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March 15, 2008 Newsletter


President's Page
Vice-President's Page
Meeting Minutes
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Vanning Around the World


Presidentís Page

Hello everyone,

The Cocoa Beach Council of Councils was a resounding success, and I would like to thank all of you for all of your help. We had a very large turnout and fun was had by all. Remember bring someone new to every eVANt, because you can tell them how much fun we have but it is easier to show them. After that they are usually hooked. Lets keep looking for new campgrounds those are dwindling; there are only a couple clubs that put eVANts on a year. Get together with another club, and try to put something on together. If you need any guidance ask advice from some of the other more experienced clubs. Vanners for Vanners was a great time, our last of that kind there, they are tearing down the hall and the kitchen. The meeting at Tomís house in White Springs is a really good time, and I encourage everyone to attend. I have to go for now T.I.E T.I.S


           This newsletter cover van is the baby of Junior and Glenda. I thank them for showing their van at the C of C. For more information about this classic custom van go to the Florida Van Council website it will be the cover van on our website  for March and April.

The Council of Councils eVANt was a huge success. As usual the Florida Vanners came thru and put on a world class C of C once again. This eVANt tops the Tampa C of C in 2004 (I mean that with no disrespect to those who made that eVANt a success also). The weather was good, the van display was neat, and Cari scheduling a shuttle launch was awesome. The band ďCrash RocketĒ was terrific. (Thank you Cale)

             I Am Proud to say that I am one of the first three vanners in the USA that is now certified to be a Nationals van show judge. We took our final exams using the vans in the show.

I would like to thank everyone who took time to display their vans. They remind us why we were there and everyone enjoyed walking the promenade checking out the Vans and socializing.

Buffalo Bob

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Vice Presidentís Page

Dear FVC,

      WOW!! You pulled off the best Council of Councils ever!
      Every body did such a tremendous job from pick up to goodbye.  Thank you so very much, Lew, Chet and Bob, for your shuttle service.  Thanks to Blanche and Nancy for helping me keep the Pub Crawl in line.  Thanks to Judith for the fine tuning.  Thanks to Randy for the computer, John and Cale for the business ends, dealing with the band and Linard for keeping up with all the 50/50's and fiscal stuffs.  I know the vanning community will be talking about this Council venue for a long time.

            I am looking forward to a new vanning year.  I'm not sure how to spend my birthday this year as I had become so accustomed to going to Tommy's with my van friends.  I'm sure I'll sort it out.  :)

      I will see all of you that can make it to Tommy's next month and can hardly wait for Beverly Beach. 
I have to go up to VA for some time with my mom in April.  Thanks for all of your well wishes when my stepdad passed at Christmas.

Love you,


Florida Van Council Minutes

Minutes of the January 19, 2008 meeting at River Forest Campground near Deland are as follows:

Cale called the meeting to order.


Minutes of the November 10, 2007 meeting were read and approved.


There were 13 clubs present and NO Excused Absence (out of 14 clubs total) during roll call.

Linard gave the Treasurer's report.


Deadline for inputs to the newsletter is always 3 week prior to the meeting.  The deadline for inputs to the next newsletter is February 23, 3 weeks prior to the March 15 meeting.




March 15

Sidewinderís house in White Springs Ė Primitive Ė work party

June 14

St. Cloud Ė Floridian R.V. Resort

August 9

St. Cloud Ė Floridian R.V. Resort

November 22

St. Cloud Ė Floridian R.V. Resort

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Judith asked the group to help her sand the wooden nametags for the CofC 2008 meeting.  She passed out sandpaper and the nametags, much to Caleís dismay.  The gentle sound of sandpaper grating on wood was heard all during the meeting.

Judith noted that there arenít 6 weeks separating Coastalís event (April 4-6) and Foreplayís event (May 2-4), and thatís unfair.  Sanctioned events should be 6 weeks apart.  Cale noted that the FVC by-laws only require 30 days between sanctioned events.

Spookytooth noted that he checked out Fiesta Key as a potential replacement for Sunshine Key for the October event, and it ainít gonna happen.  They want $70 to $90 per night, with a maximum of one van per site.

Cari noted that the vanners need to pick up all their litter this weekend.   And, she pointed out that pull-tabs, bottle caps, and cigarette butts are considered litter.

Buffalo Bob showed the group one of the limited-edition commemorative plates he is making for the CofC 2008 meeting.  Since he used Hattieís artwork, he presented her with the first plate made.

Judith thanked everyone who came to the last Vanners for Vanners to be held at River Forest Campground.  She also thanked everyone for sanding the nametags.  There were 102 vanners here for this event.  She also noted that she and Randy are still looking for a suitable location to hold this event next year.

Cari thanked (to a round of applause) Central Florida Vans, who originally started this event, and all the friends who have kept it going all these years.

Crazie Bob made a motion to adjourn and the meeting was concluded.


                                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                                                Scribe John


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 From the Treasury Department

Well, itís a new year and so far a good one. It started with Vanners for Vanners and what a good time. We had a full house with lots of new faces. Itís a shame that might be the last one there. If you were not there, sorry you missed it. The cooks (all of them) did a fantastic job! We raised some money at the Tiki Bar to help with the C of C, thanks Foreplay. I canít wait to see where we have it next year. If you have any suggestions on a place, let Judith know.

The Council of Councils was a great time. I hope you didnít miss it. I would like to thank everyone that put the time and effort into making this a great eVANt.  Some of you deserve a pat on the back for the hard work you did.

Cariís pub craw was a great success. I saw a lot of drunks coming back from it. Thank God they had to walk. ! They had the space shuttle go off on Thursday (I missed that) dammit Pam. We had lots of snacks in the hospitality room. Pamís dips went over well. She will do a recipe article on the pastrami dip soon. C Van made muffins for Saturday morning. Friday night we rocked out with the Crash Rockers. The band was well worth the money. If we ever have a Nationals, they will be on the list. We had a special guest speaker at the council meeting, the man who made the first Denim Van. He was surprised that vanning was still going.

Hey Suzie, what room were the cheese sandwiches at? Was it room 736? Did you ever make it there? I heard they went though eleven loafs of bread Saturday night.  Fore Play did a good job at dressing up Saturday night. We raised some more money at the auction ($500.00) gave away a 50/50 of $280.00 and a couple of room raffles. Thanks to everybody who bought tickets and stuff in the auction.  We were able to give next years C of C $400.00 to help them get started.  Itís going to be in Las Vegas, sounds like fun. Once again job well done.

If you plan on going to Toms for the council meeting, bring a covered dish. We will supply the meat.

Get your pre reg to Fore Play, Canít wait for this one. Well, until the council meeting truck it safe.


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Hello Fellow Vanners Everywhere!

I would like to thank the members of the Florida Van Council for coming together and creating an awesome Council of Councils 2008. Of course the special thanks would go to Judith & Carrie for the majority of the Organization out front, Many Thank yous go to those of you behind the scenes like Six Packís Van, Jr.  & Glenda for Grilled Cheese & Shogun for the Band! I look forward to the next meeting on resolving an issue concerning Van Run Scheduling.  I am quite familiar to the sides of the arguments involved, however I'd rather concentrate on Keeping Vanning Alive. My 2 per CENTS input is lets look at the 2008 vanning calendar as complete & focus for 2009. If Both Foreplay and Coastal were to discuss or bring to the March meeting at sidewinders dates for 2009 - conflict at the last minute would be avoided. My personal feelings are I want Coastal to have an eVANt! ForePlay always worked well putting on the Tiki bar for Coastalís eVANt. I also want to give special thanks again for vanners helping vanners whenever or wherever help is needed. Scribe John, Thank you for the endless hours of keeping our website alive! Linard & Pam - Thank you again for spending one of your Keys vacation days helping get Capt's Qtrs back on the road! The rest of you vanners bent on helping other vanners, Your Awesome!

My waves to your waves - Admiral Gnarly

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Thanks to the FVC for hosting another spectacular Council of Councils!

Words can not convey how much fun we had on our trip.  From our arrival at the airport on the Saturday before the cruise, it was a never ending fun adventure.  Cramming 6 vanners and their assorted luggage into a rental Caravan, stopping to put 2 people in Karen's daughter's Explorer, going to Hooters, giving a hoot for Wacko, checking in to the hotel and meeting Christopher at the desk, walking on the beach, going for cocktails at Coconuts, finally back to try to sleep in anticipation of the cruise.        That was only the first day!

Sunday...vanners in the lobby, off to the cruise terminal! Once again, words don't express our appreciation for what John Attrill did for us...the check in was way smoother than I could have imagined, and fruity rum drinks were in hand by 1:45! Got in to our rooms to find champagne, snacks, and a tote bag, all compliments of John.  Goofy life vest drill, where is the bar?  Enjoyed dinner with good friends, then...this will shock ya...more fruity rum drinks!  Samantha was kidnapped by the California and Colorado girls.  Monday-woke up in Freeport, spent some time checking out the strange vans, shopping, and then found Rumrunners, now over taken by 20 or so vanners!  Back to the ship-vanners in suits, dinner, deck walking, and much more fun!  Tuesday, woke up in Nassau, walked around downtown, redeemed our coupons for free stuff, Hard Rock, Harley shop, Rum Cakes, tons of pictures, took a boat ride to Atlantis, holy crap...look at the size of those yachts!  Enjoyed the aquarium, lost Coop and Cherie, off to Senor Frogís bar, vanners dancing on the tables at 7:30!  Back for dinner, closed a few bars on board, Wednesday, sailed away on the final leg of the tour...slot tournament for Tammy and Karen, drinks by the pool for the boys, 2 crazy vanners in the hairy chest contest-cool collectibles!  Didn't want it to end, so we stayed up too late!

Now it's Thursday, time to get to the business at hand...the meeting.  Upon arrival at the hotel, quick check-in, Natís Board meeting, shuttle launch-as spectacular as I remembered-This was my third!...The Council did a great job in the hospitality room...the "color your own" name tags were a great idea. From what I heard and saw, the pub crawl was a rousing success.  Our judging and van show seminar was filled to capacity, and we had some new attendees with some great questions. The van show on the walkway was truly awesome.  Thanks to all who participated. Great band at the Friday night party-excellent set up so they could play late.  Toasted cheese in 742 at 2:30...Saturday-the meeting and Ron Nicholson discussing the Denimachine. Smoothly run as always by Brian and the C of C board.  Saturday unintentional tour of Cocoa Beach looking for dinner-ended up at Mambo's-we could have walked over!  The band outdid themselves on Saturday night, followed by more toasted cheese.  We stayed over on Sunday night to recover, pack, and enjoy the weather.  Had a spectacular dinner at Florida Seafood Co. then time for reality.  Turned in our rental van, got on the planes, and returned to a snowstorm!

Like I said, words are not enough, but there are a few for you!  Thanks and congratulations to all those involved in the cruise and the meeting.  It was a pleasure to be a part of it, and we will see you at an event soon!

Howard, Karen, Samantha, and Eric

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Hi there,

      What a great time provided by your Council and its members!

      We came down on the Saturday before and was immediately picked up at the luggage

carousel by Judith, Coop and Shari. We flew down on the same flight as Ken and Merf, which made it entertaining. We stayed at Judith's just long enough to change out of the winter garb and into shorts and off to the local Mardi Gras parade. Lots of fun.

      Sunday we toured over to a "Cow Catchers" camp and stepped back in time to 1896, very well done.

      Monday the three of us headed over to Universal studios to spend the day at that park, had supper in "Margaretta ville" and then to top off the day we went to the Blue Man Group show. What a kewl experience. We had such a blast, watching the audience get dragged into their act and having the entire audience wrapped up in toilet paper and streamers. I know they have a show in Vegas.....maybe a Vanners Blue Man group party!

     One of the things I have wanted to do for a LONG time was to watch the shuttle launch and wow, what a seat we had right there on the beach. Thank you for getting NASA to hold off and launch the shuttle while we were there. When we were in Florida for the last council there we did manage to get over to the cape for a tour, Sonya was not sure what she was in for but really found it all very interesting. Of course the simulated launch in the old mission control was kewl but still static...this time the shuttle launch really took it to a new level...pun intended!

      I was not sure my camera was focusing properly or that it would work since I was having some technical issues with it that I got resolve Wednesday night! Didn't turn out too bad I think.
      The hotel was evidently properly brief and loved us all weekend. The Vans in the promenade area was a great look! Of course it was only supposed to be for a couple of hours for the show judging seminar but seems they were alright with us settling in for the night there. VERY nice look!
     Having Ron there to share the story about the whole Denim Machine project was another highlight. I know he was overwhelmed with the amount of interest and enthusiasm we all showed. I think this type of events during the CofC definitely makes it all worthwhile and more than just a reason to get together and party...not that that is a bad thing!

     Thank you ALL once again and especially our Hostess with the Mostess ... Judith... what a tour!
Geoff and Sonya

Ontario Federation of Vanners.

Council of Councils Board Member

Support committee to the Nats Board.

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Hi All,

Everyone did a great job at Council of Council.  Iíve heard nothing but good thing said about the eVANt.  Lots of people had a great time on the Pub Crawl, most seamed to make it back in one piece and happy with the experience.  The name tags went well.  We have some great vanner artist.  We went through lots of markers.  I hope people continue to wear them as I learned lots of name that weekend.  There was some really great food in the hospitality room.  Every time I went in there were vanners munching. Hope everyone got to see the vans on the Promenade.  We were to have them there only 3 hours but they were there all weekend and really looked good.

Bob took the Certified Van Judge Class and passed with flying colors.  Way to go Bob.  Really hope you make it to the Natís this year.  Hope you sold all your plates.  If not there is always e-bay for the vanners who were not able to make it to Florida.

The band was good and kept everyone moving.  There were lots of Jeanieís on the stage and the dance floor.  Some nice things were auctioned off and all the meeting went well.

Who else could have scheduled a launch for the vanners viewing pleasure?  That was some toy van race.  The end of the track went into the offices. 

Iím sure I missed some of the highlight but Iím sure others will catch them.  Thanks go to all of you for all that you did. 

Next up is Browardís primitive. Canít wait to get up there and see how far the house has come along.  See you all there.


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Vanning Around the World






Broward Primitive and Florida Van Council meeting Sidewinders House.  White Springs Fl.  Take I-75 north to exit 439 go east on Rt 136 until you get into the town and turn left on Rt 41 at the light, go past The Stephen Foster Center continue down the road until you come to a blinking light in Facil at Ct Rd 137 turn right, cross the RR tracks  and take the first right and follow the road  keeping left till it ends at Sidewinders house.. 



Liberate A Leprechaun XIII hosted by Liberty Vans at Hickory Inn 2703 S. Chicago Ave. South Milwaukee, WI  form 7-12 Music, Free Beet and Soda, Booze Raffles, games, Bar with food, over night parking available.  Designated Driver Recommended, Free Shuttles from Hotels to party Only Pick ups @6:30, 7 & 7:30 PM for more information contact Dave (land Shark) 414-940-1-39  or pre entry $9.00 per person at the Door $12.00 per person Make check to Jeff or Nancy Patti send to liberty Vans  1302 Michigan Ave. South Milwaukee, WI  53172



Action Vans 34th Birthday Party.  V.F.W. Post 4422  11590 Pine St. Taylor MI  $14.00 US Dollars New Band  Original Dart Board, Food, Set-ups, Free Beer, Raffle, Awards, near by Motels,  for info Call Greg 33-271-5378 or Bob 248-366-7846 motels Red Roof Inn 313-374-1150, Super 8 313-283-8830 or Taylor Inn 313-283-2200 directions  North US 24 Telegraph to Goddard turn right go 4 blocks to Pine St Turn right at the light  1/4 mile down on the right is the hall.






The Nomads Van Club or Baltimore Presents their Thirty Fifth Anniversary Bull & Oysters  at Martin's East  9000 Pulaski Hwy Baltimore MD  21220  410-686-8500 from 9 pm till 1 am  Open Bar/ Top Shelf Dance Music, Donation $52.00 Semi-formal for ticket info Call Swat 410-367-7952 or Eric 410-892-2079



Lone Star Vans celebrates 35 years of vanning Lake Texoma Paradise Cove RV Resort at 503 Paradise Park Cove, Pottsboro, TX  75976 Bring your old t-shirts and pictures, cabins are available to rent, showers and restrooms for reservations call 888-367-5518 Proceeds to benefit the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children for more info call Charlotte Jackson 214-794-3484 or Kitty Robbins at 214-684-5106.  Pre-entry $30.00 gate $35.00 extra adults $10.00 send pre-entry by 3/31 to Lone Star Vans Club PO Box 570152 Dallas Teas 75357 new band 



Spring Thaw 27-Vanning in the Vineyards by Susquehanna Valley Vans Inc.  It will be at Friendship Park-West 583 Strahon Rd.  W. Milton, PA.  Bands, games, van show, lite show, grape stomping, sound off, etc. There will also be a wine and cheese tasting party. Pre-reg. $30 extras $10, gate $40. no checks or foreign money at the gate. Early overnight arrivals $15. Campers 16' and under $15, over that $30. Motor homes $75 pre-reg. at the gate $85.  Send pre-entry Susquehanna Valley Vans Inc.  514 1/2 S. Market St. Selinsgrove, PA  17870  for more info contact Hound 570-374-0752 or Tom 570-374-8773 or Tom 570-374-8773  



Luau Truck-in by Bluegrass Vanners, Black Swan Lake, Clearsprings, IN  I-65 to Seymour  exit 50 us 50 west 20 miles to Curry Road.  Turn right 1 mile to fork in road to left 1 mile to Black Swan Lake Live Band Fri. and Sat. Vans and Panels only.  Pre reg $30 gate $36, extra people $10 utility Trailers $10. Rv Trailers $15, one club trailer free.  Bluegrass Vanners PO Box 34711 Louisville, KY  40231 click on Bluegrass Vanners



Spring Fling Re-Visited 2 by Lynn and Paula at Amador County Fairgrounds, Plymouth  Wine Tasting: Water and Electric hookups available Contact Lynn or Paula 






Put Your Lips on this One Again: by Foreplays Vanners at Beverly Beach Camptown.  A1A north of Flagler Beach, FL   pre-reg $50.00 gate $55.  motor homes and travel trailers $20 extra, for more info Call Magoo 813-267-9794 or Shogun 386-804-1063 Take I-95 exit 281 go east on Rt 100till you get to Flagler Beach.  go north on A1A till you get to the campground which is on the right



Down and Dirty for number 30.  South Hill Independent Truckers.  Tacoma Sportsman club, 16409 Canyon Rd. S. Puyallup, WA $30.00 for info contact Chris Page 253-241-9090.  



Vanner Get Down by Partytime Vanners, It's so fine to be 9 Dodge County Antique Power Club Burnett WI. City B road 3/4 mile off Hwy 26 south of Burnett. Band Fri & Sat, Sat. night Dinner Limited electric and water warm showers, no on ground campfires show n shine and bright n shine, kids and adult games contact Lisa Stock 920-758-2358 or pre-entry by 5/5 $40. Gate $45. extra people $$10, camping trailers $15.  Thursday night $15. send to Kristy Chopp 150 Kope Ave. Oshkosh, WI  54901



Spring Back The 30th Anniversary. by Vans on the Run. At Knox County Fairgrounds, MT Vernon, OH  Pre reg $30 gate $45, extra people $10.  includes live rock & Roll Dinner Saturday night Info Call 614-268-9060 Vans on the Run PO Box 247614 Columbus, OH  43224 



American Van Enthusiasts will host Muscoda Custom Car and Van Show at Riverside Park Muscoda, WI. enterers start at 10:30 am till 2 PM with a $5. donation , a portion will go to Special Olympics of WI  This will take place in conjunction with the 26th Annual Muscoda Morel Mushroom Festival  Free Camping at Ike and Jill' Funny Farm  18289 County Rd G. Muscoda WI  53573 for info call Ike 608-739-9124 or 626-909-7381



39th Anniversary Party Pig Roast by Performance Inc.  3PM till 9:30 PM at The German Club, 52 Reynolds Ave. Pottstown PA  19464 only 150 tickets available $22 by 5/1 $27.  after Free Bee and Soda  Quoits tournament at 4 PM pig roast served at 5PM live music, 50/50 cash bar for mixed drinks visit  call Jin Thorne 610-327-3839 before 9pm 



N.E.V.C Meeting , van iN, campin and Drive-in weekend at American Legion SF West River Road Pleasant Valley CT  06063 Hosted by Leadfoot Truckers Saturday night drive-in movie meeting at 1 PM New England Van Council meeting in the woods, Camping, fishing, tubing, swimming, scenic sites, hiking, biking trails.  Friday arrivals welcome stay one night or all weekend Leave for Lost Memorial Day form here if you like.  Camp sites limited, Reserve now if planning to camp or 877-668-2267  call Leadfoot for info 860-485-5253 or 



Spring Fever "Van Stock 31" by Vantasia Vans of Kansas City.  $30 pre reg. $35 gate.  Trailers $10. 1 club trailer free. Extra people $10. Contact Don Noone 913-721-3707   send pre-reg to Vantasia Vans, 727 S 6th St. Edwardsville, KS  66111



Lost on the Beach by Concerned Vanners at Washington County Fairgrounds 392 Old Schuylerville Rd. Greenwich, NY  12834 pre-reg $35. Gate $40, extra people $5 trailers under 16 ' $10 over 16' $20 motor homes & van pre-reg $60. gate $65/ Motor home alone $50 at gate $55.  Call Willie 803-432-2752 or Lucy 518-891-3093 or Frank 203-732-2179 no checks after 5/1 or at gate.  Send pre-entry to Lost Memorial Day Weekend  c/o Lucy McCasland PO Box 893 Saranac Lake, MY  12983  make checks out to Lucy McCasland



Stand by Your Van by Midwest Vans Itd. at Rolling Hills Campground 3151 County Rd. 2800 E.  Penfield, IL  61862  this is the 34th Midwest international truck-in, pre-reg. by 5/15 1 van 2 people $36 at gate $45  extra people $10 camping trailers $20. Thursday arrivals $15.Send to MidWest Vans 1509 Wolf Rd. Berkeley, IL  60163  for more info call Woody at 708-544-7030 or Gomer at 847-288-0421 






County Line Vans  31st Annual Beet Bust at George's Club Highview  5305  60th St. Kenosha, WI  1pm - 5 pm  Donation $2.00 Horseshoes, Raffles, Door prizes.   for info contact Chromedome at 262-694-1221 or Bucko 262-656-9846 




Salt City Vans "PROVANITY 28"  a Star Spangled Truck-in Cayuga County Fairgrounds Weedsport, NY  www.Saltcityvans/provanity28/provanity28.htm  Vans only.  Trucks and 4 x 4 club affiliation Only $by 5/11 pre reg $35. gate $40.  extra people  $15.  all trailers including motor Homes $1. per foot except club utility trailers one per club. for info contact Larry 315-656-8956 or Bob 315-633-9388.  mail pre reg to Salt City Vans  7291 Manlius Center Rd. East Syracuse, NY  13057 



Summer Madness uprising  Cherokee/Rolling on Thunder  Kern County Fairgrounds, Bakersfield for info Cherokee 310-672-8207 or Night Hawk 916-392-6516



Florida Van Council meeting at Floridian RV Resort.  5150 Boggy Creek Rd. and ( Hwy 15) Narcoosee Rd. St. Cloud, FL  34771 FL all are welcome please come and spend the weekend. 



Van-A-Mega-Mania Toga Party by County Line Vans at Jefferson County Fairgrounds, W. Puerner St. Jefferson WI  5.8 miles south of I-94 off hwy 26.  pre reg by 6.9  $30. gate $40. camping trailers $30. extra people $10. Thursday night $15.mail pre-entry to County Line Vans  9222  48th Ave. Kenosha, WI  53142  for info contact Chromedome at 262-694-1221 or Bucko 262-656-9846 



VanFest Aylmer, Ontario, Canada. Springwater Conservation Area. Aylmer Vanfest XIII happening Father's Day weekend. Vanfest is currently the longest running van/truck event in Canada; it just keeps getting better and bigger every year. Show is open to the public on Saturday, 10AM to 4PM. Door  prizes,    Trophies, Dash Plaques, T-shirt vendor, Fishing, Games, Swimming lake, show and shine, top 5 in class, bright and shine,  Largest attending club. For more info visit



Hoe Down #26 by Misty Mountain Vans Back to the 60's ďLetís get Tie-Died!"  Bolado Park @San Benito County Fairgrounds, Hollister, CA  Pre-entry $35. Vans $45. RV's & Trailers Gate $40. Vans, $50 Rv's  Dash Plaques, T-shirts, Games, Chili cooking Contest, Talent Show, Music, SLUT Bar, Dancing, Partying, Awards, Raffle, or 408-378-5998 or 






Shoot Out 19 by Three Trails Vans At Eagle Ridge RV Park Eagleville, Missouri exit 106 or 99 off I-35 on US 69,  pre reg by 6/15 $30.00 gate $35 extras $10  early arrivals $10. per night DJ, dash plaques, show-n-shine, games, caravan to the Nat's. send pre reg to Three Trails Vans of Kansas City c/o Rick Kenney  24204 NE 136th Terrace  Excelsior Springs, MO  64024 



2nd non-Annual PUMRAW at Steve and Suzie Hivnor's 900 State St. Franklin, IN  46131 for full details contact Steve and Suzie at 317-738-9569 or  You are welcome to stop by Steve and Suzie house and camp in the back yard any time between Friday and Wednesday before the Nat's.  they live about 3 1/2 hr. east of Altamonte. 



36th National Truck-in by Mid America Street Van Asso at Effingham County Fairgrounds Altamonte IL.  Back to the Good Old Days.  Vans show Friday.  Vans and Panels only live bands Vanners night in Wednesday $10.  Covered barn rentals available, Pre entry $50.00 gate $65. extra $20.  Camping Trailers $40.  info Steve Ashley 314-704-6554 .net Don Noone 913-486-8866, Vendors Kristine Ashley 314-591-1491 Show & Shine Denny Smith 314-973-0703  mail to MSVA 731 Oakwood Dr. East Peoria, Il  61611



The Great Northern Boogie.  the 35 year Grand Finally.  by Suds City Vans and Liberty Vans at Walworth County Fairgrounds West  Elkhorn WI hwy 11  info Blue Jay 262-675-6310,  Jeff  414-881-9246 web site  pre entry $45/. gate $50. extras $10.  camping trailers $15. camping Thursday night $18.00 mail to Suds City Vans Sandy LeMay 1650 Curtis Lane, West Bend, WI  53090






Van Slam a Fetish Weekend, Host by Mid Ohio Vanels, reg $35. gate $5.  campers under 16" $10 over $20.  send pre reg to Mid-Ohio Vanesl Inc. PO Box 1210  Lancaster, OH  43130  Location- Perry County Fairgrounds in New Lexington, Ohio,4376 4 contact-  Randy-Rhonda Boyd- 740 653 0264, Jerry (Shrek) 740 803 1194



Florida Van Council meeting at Floridian RV Resort.  5150 Boggy Creek Rd. and (Hwy 15) Narcoosee Rd. St. Cloud, FL  34771 FL all are welcome please come and spend the weekend. 



Ivan Goes to Hawaii by Northwestern Vanners at Filmore County Fairgrounds Preston MN   Show-shine, brite-n-shine, games, great food, live music, free beer Saturday night pre entry $35. by 8/1 gate $40 extra adults $10. no charge for trailers  send to Northwestern Vanners  8209 Newton Ave. N. Brooklyn Park, MN 55444 for info call Jeff 763-516-1295 or Kenny 763-516-1-81



Flamingo Fest The Good, the Bad and the Pink L & L Campground, Nichols NY real rest rooms, hot showers, band, Bad Girl games, Fluff and Buff, lots of grass, enough power and water.  Contact: Sandy 585-682-3971 or Lynn 585-426-1318 pre reg $30. gate $35.  extra people $10. trailers under 16' $15 over $25. club utility trailer free. send pre entry to Bad Girls form New York 1997 East Kent Rd. Kent, NY  14477



Vandemonium 2008 Small Country Campground
4400 Byrd Mill Road  Louisa, VA 23093



Life in the Fast Lane 27th Verse by Fast lane Vans of America  Paint Your Wagon at Rolling Hills Campground Penfield, IL pre entry $35. gate $44. camper pre reg $14 gate $16.  extra people $15 Thursday night camping $15. for more info call Rick 217-932-5475 or Gary 217-923-5538 Send pre reg to Rick Duvall 505 SW 2nd  Casey IL  62420

29- 9/1


35th Annual Corn Cob Campout by Zephyr Vans at Grants Pass Oregon. at Schroder Park more info to come as available. 



Taz'z 8th Annual Vintage Chevy Van Fest  Party in the Yard.  All Vans welcome room for overnighters, Sunday Van Show 12-4 12866 Vest Country Club Ave Waukegan IL  60087  info call 847-560-5147  $5.  good food and dash plaques, horse shoes, trophies and games.






The H.A.V.E.'S 3rd Annual Pikes Peak or Bust Truck-in by the H.A.V.E'S and The H.A.V.E. N.O.T.S at Lost Borro Campground, Cripple Creek, CO  4013 Teller Rd. #1 Cripple Creek CO  80813 pre entry by 8/1 $35. Gate $40. club trailers $10 sleeping trailers $15. extra people $10. campground serving and All-u-can eat breakfast $3.50 and dinner Specials Saturday only   contact Brady Fandrey 720-207-1578 or Cindy-Lou 719-229-7242   Saturday night the Gold Miner's Ball and Costume Contest



Institution XIV Boopin Good Time by Hoosier Van Congress at Black Swan Lake Clear Springs IN  by 8/15 pre reg $25 extras $10 als welcome  send to Hoosier Van Congress co Susan Martin 1120 N. Wittfiels St. Indianapolis, IN   46229           



Vannin to Fall by Central Illinois Vans .at Evening Star Camping Resort  23049 US Hwy 136 Topeka, IL  61567  pre entry by 9/5 $30 Gate $35 extra people $10 trailers $15  send to Central Illinois Vans. Ltd. PO Box 0341 Mossville, IL  61552 contact Nancy 309-251-9874    no breakfast this year.  



Keystone Madness 2008 by Performance, at Schuylkill county Fairgrounds, Summit Station PA pre reg by 9/1  $35.  $40.motor homes (club affiliated only)$75 gate $80.extra people $10.  trailers $15.  1 free club trailer  for more info contact Performance Inc. PO Box 815 Pottstown, PA   19464 or Chas 610-469-0604 or Dimples 610-850-1292



Oktoberfest Truckin by Bar City Vans. at La Crosse County Fairgrounds West Salem, WI  free beer Saturday night  pre entry by 9/15 $35 gate $40.  extra people $10. no charge for trailers  send pre entry to Bar City Vans  N2798 Garbers Rd. La Crosse, WI  54601 call Dee 608-785-1571 or visit the web at



T.I.T. hosts Last Chance 31 at Woods Tall Timber Lake Campground Pre enter $35(van&2people)$45 at gate-Info or flyer






GSVR IV, at Flaming Arrow Campground in Cherokee, NC. Hosted by the South Eastern Van Council
For more info contact: R. "Boot" Leonard or (843)241-5091



Truck-in before Christmas by Hy-rollin Van's Howling Van-pir-te Part XIV at Walworth County Fairgrounds Elkhorn WI pre entry by 10/1 $40. gate $45. Sleeping trailers $15 extra people $10.  Free Beer with mug $5  Info George (Taz) 847-560-5147 or Tammy 816-628-6118  




HOAVAC'S Monster Havoc 30th Annual, At Jasper County Fairgrounds, Colfax Iowa pre-entry $30. Gate $35.  Sleeping Trailers $10 includes 2 Adults extra Adults $10.  Send Check or money order payable to HOAVC c/o Patti Kritz 8649 N. Hull, Kansas City, MO  64154  info Phrog 816-529-0658



Hallween HAVOC 14 by All in One Allance at Hidden Acres Campground Bowling Green VA  pre entry by 9/17 $40 extra people $10 trailer 1 axle $25 trailer 2 axle $30.  motorhomes $70.children 12 and up $10.  gate $40 extra people $15 trailer 1 axle $30 trailer 2 axle $35.motorhomes $75. Children 12 and older $15 contact Swat 410-780-0606  send to All in One Van Alliance PO Box 28084 Baltimore, MD 21229  



The Keys event by South Florida Vans Broward Chapter More information as available






2nd Annual Wisconsin Van Council Hall Party and Food Drive. at Bobby G's 277 Industrial Dr. Columbus, WI  53925 Hotel right next door Super 8 219 Industrial Dr Columbus, WI  920-623-8800 room rate 2 people $69.70 king up to 3  $73.95  price $10.  plus a non perishable food item,  live band free Beer for more info contact Ed 262-925-05-7 or Rick 920-866-2756  party starts at 7 pm 



Florida Van Council meeting at Floridian RV Resort.  5150 Boggy Creek Rd. and (Hwy 15) Narcoosee Rd. St. Cloud, FL  34771 FL all are welcome please come and spend the weekend. 

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