FVC History

Florida Van Council

The Florida Van Council (FVC) was organized in September of 1973 to promote the van club movement and statewide truck-ins.

In October of 1975 the organization was restructured to:

1. Provide coordination and sanctioning of statewide events held by the member clubs.
2. Provide statewide communication to all member clubs at and during the interval between regularly scheduled meetings.

Coordination of events was necessary to avoid having different clubs hosting events on, or nearly on, the same weekend. It was also decided to limit the number of events so that the vanners didn’t get “burned out” and not support the events occurring near the end of the year. Considering today’s conditions, it’s hard to imagine having to limit the number of statewide events held each year

Sanctioning was considered important for statewide events because some of the initial events didn’t meet reasonable standards. Some clubs volunteered to host events without really knowing what they were getting into, and some events were canceled when the host club realized that they couldn’t deliver what they promised. It was decided that “FVC sanctioned” would mean that the FVC would be sure that the member club has selected a site with adequate facilities and will provide assistance in the way of advice to the member club regarding activities, security, gate check-in, etc. This would give each club a free hand in deciding on site location, activities, judging (except that the FVC judging rules will be used), etc., but would ensure that minimum facilities will be available for everyone to have a good time.

This sanctioning system was chosen to provide continual upgrading of statewide sanctioned events. The term “events” was used because, at the October 1975 re-organization meeting, some clubs felt that competition for trophies had almost destroyed the good times to be had. Those clubs planned to host “party-ins”, with no official competition or trophies, much like an informal picnic, the activities optional and often impromptu. Overall, there has been a very good mix of informal parties and “full blown” van-ins for the past 40+ years

Statewide communication is accomplished by having 5 regular business meetings a year and via the FVC newsletter. The FVC newsletter has been exchanging information with about 50 other councils worldwide since 1979.

In 1977 FVC started actively contacting other councils to share information and solve mutual problems. This effort led to the first regional council meeting in 1978. As these annual meetings were expanded to include more councils and moved around the country they became known as the Council of Councils. These meetings have been the major focal point of national contact for vanning for the past 45 years.

FVC Presidents

1975 – 1976  Dick Hodges

1977  Ron Williams

1978 – 1979  Sam Crawford

1980 – 1981  Pat Costello

1982 – 1983  Ralph Petersen

1984 – 1985  Dave Pilon

1986 – 1987  Mike Limper

1988 – 1989  Judith Pilon

1990  Lew Skoko

1991  John Ventimiglia

1992 – 1993  Steve Capps (Iceman)

1994 – 1995  Quinton White (Q)

1996 – 1997  Ray (Pa) Bell

1998  Chris Ennis (Scooby)

1999 – 2000  Tony King

2001 – 2003  Randy Fleming (Gnarly)

2004 – 2005  Russ Stumpf

2006 – 2008  Cale Capps (Shogun)

2009  Dan’o Werry

2010 – 2012  Linard Morris

2013  Buffalo Bob Collet

2014  Richard Kleszczynski

2015 – 2016  Leslie Stanziani

2017 – 2019  Richard Qualters (Spooky Tooth)

2020 – to present  Bruce Guertin (Konehead) 

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Vanners Creed
I don’t try to explain why I’m a Vanner.
For those who understand,
no explanation is necessary.
For those who don’t,
no explanation is possible.