The Keys 2006 Photos

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Cindy Lou & Jeff came from CO Lots of people from New England Van Council partied with us.  Check out the shirts. Kid's Games Let's make some decorations Kid's Games Cody at work
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Van Judges

Dano's Van

Inside View

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Tandem axle




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Big kid at play These guys make good campsite guards Let me check that skin out Susie  at  work making Randy's costume Princess and her Ghost Costume contest
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Kid's costumes

Sidewinder to the rescue.

Did you say Trick or Treat?

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Yes, Trick or Treat Junior & Glenda get ready to give out candy Even John went out Trick or Treating Kids "Trick or Treat" while Dad holds the candy bags Sunset after the rain Sunset over Captain's Quarters
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Games anyone?

Joe & friend

Lew at work

Adult costumes

Dano's Close Friend Cat in the Hat
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Foreplay Gone Wild

ForePlay's Head Hunters!

ForePlay's Mamas!

Head Hunter with trophy

Cat's got the Head Hunter Ted; is the hair part of your costume  or could you not afford the rest of the cut?
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Broward We're Blowin Back to the Keys!

Showing their other side.

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Randy's sister Ingrid

Our other beautiful ladies

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Kid's trophies

Dano's friend got the trophy I won!
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It all goes down smoother with a little beer

My how they grow up

Pumpkin carving was a huge success.

Neat set-up

#1 Statue of Liberty
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Something new - beads that change color

The Band did an awesome job. Just where are those clothes pins anyway?
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Susie fell again!

Midnight Grill

Comments Heard Around the Band area on Saturday Night

Comment Heard Commentor
It Glows in the Dark Con Dom
If You're Not Wasted, Then the Whole Evening Is "Buzzed" Light, a 192-lb talking beer can
The Judges Need Something Hard to Write On Broward, during the "Know Your Vanner" Contest
I'm not second, I'm the First Fu*&%$g Loser Ted, when he heard that he and his girl came in second in the "Clothes Pin" Contest
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