Susie's Birthday

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Susie's 50th Birthday Bash (Surprise!)

mailbox_sign.jpg (141388 bytes) the_girls_preparation.jpg (166182 bytes) blindfold_1.jpg (206950 bytes) blindfold_2.jpg (265410 bytes) blindfold_3.jpg (296754 bytes) susie_1.jpg (221922 bytes)
Mailbox sign The girls who prepared the surprise Bring her in blindfolded, Randy Don't trip God! Is she surprised I better run and get those gifts.
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You did all this, for me? It's a cookie cake Where did you get that hat? And, a guitar shirt, to boot? Steve says, "Y'all need a drink" Are you sure you can get good gas mileage with the rear end on the ground, like that?
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That's it!  No more fun for you!

Best Friends How about a group shot? The old homestead Randy & Steve relaxing Randy REALLY relaxing


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