Steve & Lisa's Wedding

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Father of the Bride

Steve and Lisa


The Guests

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Before leaving home Bride & Dad Arriving at Park Bride is greeted by Foreplay girls  
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Bride & Matron of Honor When is this wedding going to begin? This wedding stuff can be fun! One last kiss as a Miss Where is he?
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Guests more guests Here we go. Groom and Best Man wait. Here they come
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Are you sure? Her Mother and I give her away. My turn? Preacher does his thing Steve recites his vows
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  Lisa reads her vows.   They are joined  
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You may kiss And hug Kiss again. They are having too much fun. Mr. & Mrs. Capps
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        Hi, Mom
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Is Dad watching? Oh, Boy! Where are your hands? Oops!  
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  Cody gets a gift too! Beautiful cake Bestman proposes a toast Luck & happiness  to Bride & Groom
DSC00485.JPG (559195 bytes) DSC00486.JPG (533120 bytes) DSC00487.JPG (556734 bytes) DSC00488.JPG (622244 bytes) DSC00489.JPG (584109 bytes)
Cut the cake Here honey. Now Your turn. You better not smash it! Swim anyone?

Last updated 6/14/2006

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