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Photos from the 2007 Council of Councils meeting in Grand Island, NY

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1  hotel_window_view_700.gif (239304 bytes) meeting_700_1.gif (236250 bytes) meeting_700_2.gif (232136 bytes) cal_spec_700_8.gif (238844 bytes) cal_spec_700_7.gif (208011 bytes)
View from Hotel Window The reps in the  meeting room Ken Hopcraft's 1967 Ford 8-door
cal_spec_700_10.gif (225081 bytes) cal_spec_700_3.gif (272317 bytes) cal_spec_700_12.gif (221146 bytes) cal_spec_700_13.gif (216497 bytes) cal_spec_700_11.gif (156303 bytes)
Econoline   "California Special"  graced the hotel lobby during the week The surfboard racks are made of Titanium
brits_700_1.gif (225432 bytes) brits_700_2.gif (211298 bytes) gypsy_bev_700.gif (235376 bytes) pj_party_700_3.gif (263803 bytes) pj_party_700_5.gif (214995 bytes)
The Brits lounged around the lobby along with Gypsy and Bev Pajama Party shots
pj_party_700_1.gif (575239 bytes) vendor_700_2.gif (419166 bytes) pj_party_700_4.gif (377678 bytes) sat_party_4_700.gif (475489 bytes) sat_party_5_700.gif (401890 bytes)
Pajama Party shots Saturday Party shots
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5sat_party_1_700.gif (259444 bytes) sat_party_2_700.gif (4049629 bytes) sat_party_3_700.gif (218464 bytes) sat_party_6_700.gif (3622338 bytes) sat_party_7_700.gif (326236 bytes)
More Saturday Party shots The Band
sat_party_8_700.gif (252116 bytes) sat_party_9_700.gif (267767 bytes) sat_party_10_700.gif (198218 bytes) sat_party_11_700.gif (224081 bytes) sat_party_12_700.gif (398898 bytes)
Dancers Blues Brothers Gang Still more Party shots
toy_van_700_3.gif (209424 bytes) toy_van_700_2.gif (288131 bytes) toy_van_700_1.gif (287363 bytes) vendor_700_1.gif (217772 bytes) vendor_700_2.gif (419166 bytes)
Toy van races Vendor's stuff
vendor_700_3.gif (398340 bytes) vendor_700_4.gif (402656 bytes) cofc_board_700_1.gif (54665 bytes) cofc_board_700_2.gif (42157 bytes) cofc_board_700_3.gif (60728 bytes)
Vendor stuff CofC Board Meeting
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9cari_ny_700_1.gif (100566 bytes) cari_ny_700_2.gif (58885 bytes) cari_joanna_ny_700_2.gif (53790 bytes) cari_john_ny_700_1.gif (66583 bytes) faith_john_cari_700.gif (94999 bytes)
This is an emergency - I'm FREEZING!! Cari and Joanna check the view Cari and John Faith, John & Cari
hardrock_ny_700_1.gif (46066 bytes) faith_john_hardrock_ny_700.gif (41947 bytes) hardrock_ny_700_2.gif (99411 bytes) hardrock_canada_700_1.gif (80149 bytes) hardrock_canada_700_2.gif (31059 bytes)
Hard Rock Cafe on the New York side Hard Rock Cafe on the Canadian
hardrock_canada_700_3.gif (60930 bytes) cari_bridge_700_1.gif (44879 bytes) falls_from_bridge_700_1.gif (71163 bytes) falls_canadian_side_700_1.gif (70973 bytes)
side View of the Falls from the bridge between Canada and the U.S. View of the falls from Canada
cofc a.JPG (129043 bytes) march news001.JPG (155152 bytes) march news002.JPG (97878 bytes) march news003.JPG (90949 bytes) march news004.JPG (568412 bytes)
Florida hosts the next C of C Dress your partner
march news005.JPG (615091 bytes) march news007.JPG (121783 bytes) march news008.JPG (121261 bytes) march news009.JPG (32985 bytes) march news010.JPG (52539 bytes)
Meeting our Reps rest of Niagra Falls at twilight
march news011a.JPG (51970 bytes) march news011.JPG (538008 bytes) march news012.JPG (68304 bytes) march news013.JPG (38114 bytes) march news014.JPG (37007 bytes)
march news015.JPG (54413 bytes) march news016.JPG (605966 bytes) march news017.JPG (110548 bytes) march news018.JPG (112695 bytes) march news020.JPG (154876 bytes)
Frozen trees
march news021.JPG (104980 bytes) march news023.JPG (187636 bytes) march news024.JPG (122608 bytes) march news025.JPG (132964 bytes) march news026.JPG (137363 bytes)
Snow angel anyone? band
march news028.JPG (455053 bytes) march news029a.JPG (132787 bytes) march news030.JPG (77311 bytes) march news031.JPG (98582 bytes) march news031a.JPG (112755 bytes)
contest Prez & First Lady More snow angels
march news032.JPG (145287 bytes) march news033.JPG (408646 bytes) march news034.JPG (127763 bytes) march news035.JPG (125370 bytes) march news036.JPG (626570 bytes)
Hairy chest contest Home of the original Buffalo wings FL Vanners having fun
march news036a.JPG (126492 bytes) march news037.JPG (93438 bytes) march news038.JPG (154723 bytes)
Faith and John

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