Black Knight

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Black Knight
1979 Dodge B-200
Owned by Spaceman & Maria

Click on thumbnailsPicture or Video 533 700x523.jpg (157099 bytes) to view photosPicture or Video 535 700x523.jpg (140192 bytes) Picture or Video 536 392x524.jpg (67114 bytes) Picture or Video 537 392x524.jpg (72192 bytes) Picture or Video 538 392x524.jpg (77668 bytes)
Custom grill Knight mural Knight mural close up Castle mural close up Knight's helmet in tail light lens
Picture or Video 534 700x523.jpg (131366 bytes) Picture or Video 551 699x524.jpg (155200 bytes) Picture or Video 549.JPG (103114 bytes) Picture or Video 550.JPG (132912 bytes) Picture or Video 553.JPG (130314 bytes)
Front spoiler detail Rear quarter view, showing castle and dragon murals Close-up of dragon mural Right side view Hand-carved teak running board detail
Picture or Video 540.JPG (187827 bytes) Picture or Video 541.JPG (167903 bytes) Picture or Video 544.JPG (150371 bytes) Picture or Video 542.JPG (84702 bytes) Picture or Video 543.JPG (83078 bytes)
Knight carved in cabinet door Castle carved in cabinet door Very nice Arabian arch detail Cabinets
Picture or Video 546.JPG (111582 bytes) Picture or Video 547.JPG (112719 bytes) Picture or Video 548.JPG (77624 bytes) Picture or Video 554 699x524.jpg (123086 bytes) Picture or Video 539.JPG (131005 bytes)
Anti-Theft Device Scanner & front sunroof Front dome lamps Inside driver's door detail Inside passenger door detail
Picture or Video 545.JPG (130494 bytes)
The "Knight" in shining armor

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  " Black Knight "    1979  Dodge B-200

318 C.I.D. Engine, Automatic Transmission.

Seamless body, all steel molded-in wiper cowl.  All doors cut, filled & shaved.  Two gull wings.  Both bumpers molded-in, molded flares & spoiler.  Body murals , graphics , lettering , & pin striping. 

Visor, sunroof front & rear.  All lights frenched, frenched gas trap door, with mural on inside. Custom square tube chrome grill, custom 4-headlight system, custom mirrors, electric doors. 

1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser roof molded in, rain gutters shaved.   Windows etched & tinted.  Molded hood scoop,  frenched electric antenna, custom rear side windows, and a lot more trick stuff.  Keystone wheels , teak hand carved running boards , full length side pipes ( yes they work ). 

This 27-year-old van has 67 thousand original miles.  Spaceman helped build the van 20 years ago.  Black Knight has been "garage kept" all its life, and has been in storage for 18 years.  Black Knight has only slept outside for van runs.

2%   Excellence   
Ignorance Thru Research 
Gratefulsleds Van Club
Spaceman & Maria

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