Bed of Roses

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    Bed of Roses    
    1991 Dodge    
    Owned by Judith Pilon    
  front_view.jpg (100193 bytes) overhead.jpg (137855 bytes) bed_of_roses.jpg (136242 bytes) Cabinet1.jpg (66141 bytes) Cab_Microwave.jpg (71859 bytes)  
  Head On Front Overhead Storage Plaque for the Show The cabinets Open the top doors and check out the microwave  
  side_view2.jpg (183336 bytes) running_board.jpg (91320 bytes) bed.jpg (167892 bytes) interior_lamp1.jpg (117916 bytes) Toilet.jpg (109639 bytes)  
  Side View Imaginary glass running board Rear bed Fancy Interior Light Oh yes, open the right doors to get to the potty  
  air_conditioner.jpg (171549 bytes) overhead_console.jpg (130349 bytes) rear_console.jpg (169363 bytes) cockpit.jpg (208869 bytes) dash_details.jpg (209298 bytes)  
  Roof A/C Driver's Console Rear O/H Storage Cockpit Dash  
  back_door.jpg (101614 bytes) rear_qtr_fancy_tail_light.jpg (81540 bytes) normat_tail_light.jpg (80587 bytes) passenger_interior_light.jpg (109265 bytes) engine_cover.jpg (117632 bytes)  
  Open the back doors to get to storage under the bed Tail light lens for show n' shine Tail light lens for riding down the road Another interior light Engine Cover  

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  "Bed of Roses" is Judith's 4th Dodge.  It has won numerous local and several National Awards.  This van was completely redone recently, inside and out.