Jersey Devil

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"Jersey Devil"


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The Devil The legend Check out the doors    
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Look close at this one   Nice details    
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Beautiful wood     Check the steering wheel Casket handle, no less
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    Door jamb    
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  The Overtaker Front of the trailer    

"Jersey Devil"

1975 Dodge

Owner - Chet Molnar - Miami Beach
2nd Generation Truckers
(NJ, Long Island, NY, PA, NH, GA, FL)


This beauty sports a 360 Dodge engine.  It has a chopped windshield and is tubbed.  Half of the side barn door is a gull wing.

The headlights are from a 1990 Dodge Daytona, and the tail lights are from a 1964 Corvair.  Welded rear and rolled rear pan.

Outside paint is Black, 4 shades.  3-stage pearl House of Colors Blue, White with Blue.  Letters are 17K gold leaf.  Engine and transmission have same 3-stage colors as outside paint.  Drive shaft is chrome-plated.  There is an American Bald Eagle mural on the roof.

Inside is black and blue crushed velvet.  Custom woodwork on the floor and hand-fabricated dashboard. Chrome-plated steering column.

The original owner and builder was Scott Croft.  However, you ain't heard nothing yet, until you hear the 11-amp, 22-speaker sound system Chet put in.  It doesn't get hooked up all the time, but it sure is a blast when it is.



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