Little Bighorn

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The Little Big Horn
2001 Dodge Ram Van B-100  V-6
Owned by Dan'o from Daytona Beach, FL

Click on thumbnaiils100_1287.JPG3.jpg (138722 bytes) to view100_1291.JPGw.jpg (964010 bytes) 100_1310.JPGw.jpg (132484 bytes) 100_1290.JPG1.jpg2.jpg (63635 bytes) 100_1311.JPGw.jpg (148704 bytes)
Dano's Dodge Look what you can do with a factory customized van Check out the custom plate Nice new rims
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Custom grill Nice side door detail More side door detail Behind the drivers door
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Good follow through on the carpet Lots of Detail more details Factory detail with additions by Dan0
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Front over head  rear over head  Drivers compartment rear door/cargo area

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This Van stated its life out as a fully customized CONVERSION van from American Vans. I found this van for sale on a local used van lot and although Iím not one for factory conversions I saw the possibilities for something here. The van only had 43,000 original miles and was in such good shape I thought I would try to customize a custom conversion. After a couple weeks of talking the guy down I brought the van home and started to work my magic. First out was the 4 rear bucket seats, and then that stock carpeting! Once that was all out Spaceman and I laid the new rug, and I built in a nice seating/sleeping area in the back. Special Thanks to Hattie for helping to make the cushions. Once I had the interior mostly done (are they ever done?) I pulled the fiberglass running boards/flairs off and had them reconditioned and painted gloss black to give it a more street beast look, and replaced the stock wheels with some Cragars and white letter tires! Oh, and the van name Little Bighorn = Shortwheel base Dodge and itís in a American Indian theme! Best thing about this van is it has PS, PB, AC front and rear, Cruise, and the gas gauge works!!

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