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Inside Cover Florida Van Council Meeting Agenda & Directions
Page 1 President's Page
Page 2 Vice President's Page
Page 3 Meeting minutes
Page 4 Meeting minutes - VANA-DO & VANA-DON'T
Page 5 Judith's Page
Page 6 Center-fold Photos
Page 7 Center-fold Photos
Page 8 Vanning Around the World - August 12
Page 9 Vanning Around the World - September - November
Page 10 Vanning Around the World - Important Addresses
Page 11 Halloween In The Keys Flyer
Page 12 Vanners for Vanners Flier
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  Florida Van Council Newsletter






August 12, 2006
Working for the betterment of Vanning




Inside Front Cover

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Florida Van Council Agenda


Date : August 12,2006

Time: 12:00

Cost: $14.00 per night, $1 visitors fee Pay campground

Place: Floridian RV Resort; 5150 Boggy Creek Rd.; St. Cloud, FL 34771; 407-892-5171

Directions: From North Ė Take Turnpike south to Osceola Parkway exit, turn left on Osceola Parkway, turn left on Boggy Creek Rd., at the T turn right still Boggy Creek Rd., Floridian RV Resort will be on the right in approximately 6 mi. From South Ė Take Turnpike north to St. Cloud/ Melbourne exit, turn right on Hwy 192, go through St. Cloud, Turn left on Hwy 15, at blinking light turn left on Boggy Creek Rd. Floridian RV Resort will be on left. From West Ė Take I-4 east to first Kissimmee exit Hwy 532, go east, at end turn left on Hwy 17-92, Turn right on Hwy 192 (Vine St.), turn left on Simpson Rd. at light go straight onto Boggy Creek Rd., at the T turn right still Boggy Creek Rd., Floridian RV Resort will be on the right in approximately 6 mi. From East Ė Take Hwy 192 West, turn right on Hwy 15 at blinking light turn left on Boggy Creek Rd. Floridian RV Resort will be on left.


11:45am           Officers to meeting room (open discussion sheet is displayed)

12:00 noon       Meeting begins

  1. Minutes of last meeting
  2. Roll call and Roster update
  3. Treasurerís report
  4. Newsletter report
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business
  7. Van-in proposals
  8. Van-in updates
  9. Nominate officers for next year
  10. Clean up meeting area and prepare for evening activities


*** Leave it like we found it or better! ***

Before leaving the campground, find out how to dispose of trash.


Drive Safe


Next Newsletter deadline Ė October 21, 2006

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Presidentís Page

            Hello to all of my vanniní family. I am looking forward to the nationals in Virginia, and the FVC eVANt in Ocala, on Labor Day weekend. The council has voted and changed some of the rules in the FVC. Every person who is a member of the council has the right to vote on vanniní matters, but you have to be present to vote. In previous years I know there were people who shied away from the FVC because they could not vote maybe this will increase membership, and the amount of vanners as a whole that participate more. I plan on leaving for the Nationals the Tuesday before if anyone wants to caravan up with me let me know. I hope everyone is well, and until next time truck safe!!!


Sad News - Mary

Many or you will remember Mary McIntire.  Mary was a member of Stop Light City Vans out of Kokomo, IN.  Mary and Bob have attended may eVANt here in Florida.  She and Bob helped host several National's and always attended the Council of Council's meeting.  The last time Mary and Bob were here was to attend the Hurricaned out Key's truck-in last October.  Mary had been battling her illness (cancer) for several years.  She wanted to make it to one more National's.  She almost made that wish come true she.  She died July 8th.  Mary will be missed by all of the Vanning Community.  Please remember both she and Bob in your prayers. 


Please say a prayer for the McIntire family at this time, as I'm sure they need it. Mary will be missed by many of us.             Stay Safe

Ron Martin (Krylon Cowboy..2%)

To the left is the McCumber project. To the right is a Van Demolition Derby. Ila wants to get a vanner to enter next year with a FVC advertisement on the sides.





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Vice Presidentís Page

Dear FVC,

WHEW! This summer is about to wear me out. I have been on three 4+ day road trips in four weeks. I have had a great time. I highly recommend the Hot Rod Power Tour. If you ever get a chance to go, take it. I only wish I had thought ahead and taken more days to finish the last 3 stops. What a great week. A warm round of applause to the Skokoís, for hosting their camping facilities for all of us.

I also had a fabulous time at Bonneroo, the Red-Neck Woodstock, held every year in Tennessee. Joanna and I attended and hit a few side trips along the way back. Another great week on the road. We stopped at Ruby Falls, Rock City, Lookout Mountain and went on a 1-1/2 hour shopping spree in the Unclaimed Baggage store.

We are now averaging 2 friends a month taking to the big highway in the sky.  I have a whole new strategy on life. Do NOW what you have always put off until you had more time or money AND harm no one. I have news for all of you - No one gets out of this alive.

I have great goodie bag stuff for Labor Day weekend but can always use more donations and will roll over any leftovers to Broward. Thanks to them for picking up the slack for the Keys Tour. I am so-o looking forward to that. I know they will appreciate any help with that you can offer.

Bring a covered dish and a friend to the August FVC meeting. I really like every one eating together. I will try to think of some games for the energetic ones. You will need to think up a few good tales for revisiting around the bonfire. Remember, the reason we are so sluggish on Saturday morning is because we had fun without you on Friday night. Get there early and see what we are all snickering about and plan to camp over.

Hugs and kisses to all,


Since there hasnít been an event since the last meeting I donít have any new pictures. The pictures in this issue are from Browardís primitive at Sidewinderís house. This is the McCumber Lake. When it is finished it will be much larger. Page 10 has a picture from the Power Tour. Ila, Jen, the kids and I had a great time. I wish I could have stayed with the tour longer.

More sad news Harold Huggins died. Harold and Buffalo Bob were best friends. Buffalo Bob didnít get his article resent when I lost my hard drive. Iíll print it next issue.

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Minutes of the June 17, 2006 meeting at Okee-Tantie Campground and Marina South of Okeechobee are as follows:


Cale called the meeting to order.


Minutes of the March 18, 2006 meeting were read and approved with one correction; Buffalo Bob is not with Coastal.


There were 6 clubs present and 1 Excused Absence (out of 13 clubs total) during roll call.


Linard gave the Treasurer's report.


Agnes noted that a virus disabled her computer and she had to reconstruct her mailing address list from Linardís database.  As such, she got a lot of newsletters returned.  She did a postage test.  She folded a newsletter, put it in a legal envelope, and sent it for the price of a first class stamp (39Ę).  Currently, we are paying 60Ę to mail each newsletter.


The motion to allow each FVC member present at the meeting to have a vote and do away with the $10 annual club registration was carried by a hand vote of 7 FOR, 1 AGAINST, and no ABSTENTIONS.  It was noted that the officers, who are members of the council, could now vote.  It was also noted that you have to be present at the meeting to vote, unless you have a valid excused absence.  It was further noted that the majority of the members present at the meeting would be the sole judge of what constitutes a valid excused absence.  It was also noted that this vote was the last vote of the club representatives.


Cale noted that we should try for a NATS in Florida campground in Deland.  Buffalo Bob said the Volusia County Fairground wanted too much money

Buffalo Bob noted the passing of Harold Huggins (age 63), a long time vanner and biker.  Harold had been a member of Central Florida Vans and Dixie Truckers.


FVC                            September 1 Ė 4, 2006 at Ocala Ranch RV Park. 2559 S.W. Hwy 484, Ocala, FL 34473.  877-809-1100.  Joe Van noted that we should only get a limited supply of t-shirts and dash plaques.  We figured we needed 10 van trophies.  John & Judith will take care of the game trophies.  There will not be a band.  Cale will provide karaoke, which

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generally gets better participation.  Broward has the next event, so they will handle the refreshment center.  They will also have a 50/50 raffle for the council.  Linard noted that each van would donate $15 directly to the council and pay $20/ night directly to the campground.

Broward                 The Keys Event Ė October 27 Ė 29, 2006. Linard noted that there is a signed contract with the campground. The band for Friday and Saturday will be Thunderhead, a band Broward has used several times in the past.  Cale will not provide karaoke on Thursday; not enough spare equipment available.  Those remaining vanners who did not get their pre-reg returned from the cancelled Keys event last year are automatically pre-registered for this yearís event.  Linard read the list he got from Mike Moore, with the check.  Check with Linard if you are not sure of your status.

Vanners for Vanners            January 19 - 21, 2007 at River Forest Group Camping area near Deland.  No update at this meeting.

Cale noted that, as of June 2, the new FVC website is up and running.  He thanked (to a round of applause) Randy, John, Judith, Agnes and Cari.

Buffalo Bob, a former independent, made a motion to adjourn and the meeting was concluded.

Respectfully submitted.

Scribe John



VANA-DO                               &                VANA-DONíT


Driving a van cross country                                           Flying and missing out on the USA

Having fun at the band Saturday night                            Passing out in the shower for 2 hours

Showing off your LIPS                                                   Hiding at your campsite

Showing up at the KEYS                                              Sitting at home wondering whatís on T.V.

Getting NAKED                                                           Getting NAKED

                            Hey you win some you lose some!!!!

PS. If you have any VANA-DOís or DONíTs E-MAIL to

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 Hi All,

If you missed Power Tour you missed a lot of Fun.  The first day of the Power Tour we had the following vanners.  Joe and Bonnie Madonia, Cari, Jim (Blue Lemon), Agnes & Lew, Ken & Debbie and Kids from NJ, John Cunningham and Cathy Smith from IL who road with me.  We went to the Orlando Convention center and showed our vans. It was extremely hot at the Convention Center, we found a place to park on the grass, put the tarp up and let the people come to us and some actually did.  The second day found use packing and heading out Cari, John, Jim, Ken, Debbie, Agnes with Ila Jean, Jen and all the grandkids, Cathy and I took off for the first stop, lunch in Sanford.  From there, we went to Gainesville and checked out the vendors and then went to the campground.  Day 3, John, Agnes and entourage dropped out and the rest of us went on to Perry, Ga.  This was Jimís day to drop out.  We spent the night at Stone Mountain, GA.  They had a nice light show.  Next day found us in Columbia, SC.  Here we picked up John from PA and Cari dropped out.  We spent the night at a really nice state park, had a fire etc.  The next day found us on the way to Roanoke, VA.  Along the way we stopped in Mt. Avey, home of Mayberry RFD.  They closed the center of town and only let the Power Tour downtown.  This was fun; we visited the jail and Barneyís Cafť and had a great time.   From there we got onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This was sure beautiful (if you are going to Natís try to make some of the parkway part of your trip.  The next night we stopped in Harrisburg, PA and spent the night in the Farm Show parking lot.  This was the first time we actually made the drivers meeting.  Here we ran into vanners from the area and Jimmy Lasage joined us for the last day of the tour.  We made it to Englishtown, NJ were several other vanners joined us for the day.  Along the way we managed to pick up lots of good vendor stuff.  The last day at Englishtown, we managed to get in the front row for the picture that will be in the November issue of Hot Rod.  The grand prize for the doing the entire tour was a Hot Rod Power Tour official chair.  We had a good time but that was because we made it so.  We tried to mix with the other people on the tour but they stayed in their own little groups and very few were willing to mix with people outside their groups.  We did meet some people who had been vanners or were interested in vanning and they took flyers.  We also ran into some old vanners from Hog Town Haulers who are now Hog Town Hot Rods.  They may show up Labor Day Weekend. 

The next weekend found me at VanFest in Canada, there were 236 vehicles in attendance, 113 were vans and there were 102 in the show.  We had a great time.  I wish more of you could attend this eVANt.  Jr. and Glenda, Howard and Karen, Sonya and Geoff were there.   This is one of the better eVANts I go to each year.

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The next weekend I went to a Stag and Doe party for John and Annieís son.  They had a barbeque in their back yard before the eVANt.  We really had a good time.

I am now at Geoff and Sonyaís.  We are redoing the bathroom.  Iíll be here until Sunday then itís off back to PA for my grandsonís wedding and then the Natís.  Hope to see you all there.

Iím glad to see that we have changed the way we vote at the Council Meetings.  It seams as if those who attend the meeting are the ones who are the most interested.


Hi all you Vanners,

Well, itís halfway thought the year already. Man, time sure does fly. It seems like the older we get the quicker they go.

If you missed the  Cinco Da Mayo truck-in. Sorry about your luck. We had great weather, the water was cool (we had serious shrinkage) and a great time was had by all. It was good to see Chet  make it . I donít think he will miss any more of these on Beverly Beach after this one. Broward put on the tiki-bar for the council to help with the Labor

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  For more great pictures go to Your web team has been working round the clock to bring to you the latest FVC news. Donít forget to tell them how much you appreciate their efforts. The newsletter will be put there as soon as I return from the Nats. I hope to see you there. Plan on going next year. You will have a good time!

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Day eVANt. We will be putting on another one at Ocala to help with the Keys truck-in. So bring your checkbook to pre-reg. We promise no hurricanes this year, maybe just a drink with that name. I know everybody is looking forward to it. So get your costumes ready (the ones you didnít get to wear last year).

The last meeting was at Okee-tan-ie. Its not to many times in June, you can sit and not get bit by mosquitoís. We were surprised both nights. People, we must get more of you to these meetings. These are easy weekends. Some people complain we donít do enough, but add in the council meetings  (five or six) plus truck-ins. Be a Vanner not just a member. Life is to short come see your friends or make new ones. The council meetings are the best place to meet them! Donít be shy.

Itís almost time for the 34th Nationals in Virginia (one of my favorite states). Donít forget to put your radar detector away; they are illegal in that state. Also, donít blow your horn either. Thatís all I have to say about that. We have a port-a-john and barn reserved this year. So when it rains, we will have cover and a good chance power!!!! Thanks Judith.  Hey Lew, donít forget to bring the gator meat. I am looking forward to a week off. Pam is going to go this year also. So I hope everyone has a good time and a safe one. I know; I will!  Like I say- if you donít have a good time, itís your own damn fault.

Truck-em safe-Linard       

Vanning Around the World

Please send all flyers to Judith Pilon; 817 Wildabon Ave.; Lake Wales, FL 33853 or e-mail. or 407-484-2234


12th          FVC meeting location to be announced Shogun 386-804-1063

11-13       CT           Super Somer 5 contact Beth 203-879-7111 Fair town fairground, Somers ct

11-13       IL            All Trucked up 30 years by CITA, twelve Oaks Campground, Matrinsville, IL contact Ed & Loretta 217-75-6897 or Joe & Holly 217-895-3763  vans and Panels only.

11-13       CA          Wild in the Woods #3 @ Wooded Hills, CA; Wooded Hills Group Trailer Circle; San Diego, CA 91910; Billo; 619 585 7225;

18-20       MI           Ultimate Express Van Club Truck-in 13 contact Youngfool 313-657ó857 Chuckís Ranch 9824 Darby RD Belleville, MI

18-20          VA Vandemonium 2006 contact Denise Stukes 202-832-4211 Small County fairgrounds Louisa, VA

18-20       NY          Flamingofest 2006 by Bad girls theme Deb Ball. Contact Susie Heikoop 317-738-9569 Nicholes, NY

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19th          IL,           Custom Van Show by Hy-Rollin Vans @ Milenaís Italian Eatery RT 41 & Rt 173 Wadworth, IL for info Call Taz 847-560-5147

25-27       IL            25th Life in the Fast Lane by Fast Lanes Vans @ Rolling Hills Campground Penfield, IL  info Gary & Jean or Dennis &

25-27       Germany                10th Van Roundup contact Johannes Bormann +49-4193-969089 North light Vanners Bahme/Batic Sea Ė Luebeck/Hamburg Germany/DE


1-4           Canada   Lake Anslie Cape Breton Nova Scotia, Canada @ MacKinnons Campground; Lake Anslie; MacKinnons Campground; Cape Breton, NS; $40.pre-reg $45 gate

1-4           Wanted Vanners for VanWest hosted by Club Azur at Calixa-Lavalle Fairgrounds Quebeck call John Darlington 519-633-2616

3rd            IL            Tazís 6th Annual Vintage Chevy Van Fest Party in the Yard.  12866 W. Country Club Ave. Waukegan IL call Taz 847-560-5147

1-4           FL           Labor Day with the FVC @ Ocala RV Ranch 2559 SW Hwy 484 Ocala, FL  $20 per night pat at the eVANt.  Call C-Van @ 352-598-1594 or

1-4           OR          Corncob  #33 Contact Lynn 510-352-2006  Schroeder Park Grants Pass OR

1-4           PA          Butler County Fairgrounds by Three River Vans,  call Carol 747-375-6484 $40.00 per reg

1-4           CT           Vandango 9 contact Christine Willetts 401-438-0128 Brooklyn Fairgrounds, Brooklyn, CT

1-3           Canada   VanWest In Quebec. Contact Annie Darlington at 519-633-2616 at Calixa-Lavalee Fairgrounds, Quebec.

1-4           CO          Itís a ďSmall WorldĒ by H.A.V.E.ís and the H.A.V.E. N.O.T.S @ mountain Dale R.V.Park Colorado Springs, CO $45. Pre-reg $50.gate calls Gail 303-912-6863

8-9           Canada   Annual Pigroast and Fund Raiser at Van Brock Ranch Delhi Ont. Call Geoff  and Sonya @ 519-268-7860 or gkoome@rogers .con

14-17       PA          Keystone Madness by Performance, Inc. @ Schuylkill County Fairgrounds, Summit Station, PA   $35. Pre-reg $40. Gate call Chas 610-469-0604

22-24       WI          Annual Oktoberfest by Bar City Vans La Crosse Interstate Fairgrounds, West Salem, WI calls Dee Ashmore 608-785-1571

22-24       OK          Hedonism VI contact Art Music Man Martin.903-640-0326 Sniderís Grove, OK

29-10/1   OH          Last Chance 29 by Tuscarawas Intervalley Truckers, Woods Tall Timber Lake, New Philadelphia, OH  $30 pre-reg Call Donnie 330-874-4208


6-8                NC  GGVR III Smokin in the Smokies contact Boot Leonard 843-241-5091

Flaming Arrow Campground Hwy 441 Cherokee, NC

13-15       WI          A Howling Van-Pirate XII by Hy-Rollin Vans Walworth County Fairgrounds, Elkhorn. WI  $35 pre-reg $40 gate call Taz 847-560-5147

20-22       IA           HOAVACíS Monster HAVOC #28 contact PHROG 816-529-0658  Jasper County Fairgrounds, Colfax IA

27-29       FL           The Keys Truckin.  Contact Linard 954-472-0461 Sunshine Key campground mile marker 39.  Florida Keys


11th          FVC meeting place to be announced Shogun 386-804-1063

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19-21       FL           Vanner for Vanners the Party Never Ends Riverforrest Campground, Hwy 42 on the St. Johns river just outside of Deland, FL  pre-reg only $42.  we feed you all Weekend.  Call Randy @ 727-517-0183 or Judith @407-484-2234


7-11         NY          Council of Council meeting hosted by NY and Canada @Holiday Inn Grand Island Resort & Conference Center 100 Whitehaven Road Grand Island, New York 14072 phone1 877 472 6310/fax 716-773-1229 Group Code is : VAN Group Name is Voices/OFV Rates are Two Double Beds Non-Smoking One King Bed Exe Lvl NS Rate USD 89.00 USD 89.00 up to 5 people. Cot 10.00 extra per nite


Important Addresses

      From time to time I have gotten ideas and information from the following newsletters. Thanks for sharing. You may want to contact them if you will be in their area.


Heart of America Van Council (HOVAC)         Minnesota Organization of Van Enthusiasts (MOVE)                                                      

% Rick Kinney                                                  % Nancy Bontreger

37220 N Ponce Ave.                                         5159 Penn Ave. N

Lake Villa, IL 60046                                         Minneapolis MN 55430


Northern California Van Council                     Ontario Federation of Vanners

(NCVC)                                                             (OFV)

NCVC News                                                       %Geoff & Sonya Koome

946 Marilyn Dr.                                                  Lot 28, 3100 Dorchester Rd.

Campbell, CA 95008                                            Dorchester, Ontario, N0L-1G5



Salt City Vans                                                    Southeast Virginia Van Council

% Bob McCarthy                                                % Gordon H. Degen

113 Cayuga Ave.                                                5217 Chipping Lane

Canasota, NY 13032                                           Virginia Beach, VA 23455



Wisconsin Van Council     


1302 Michigan Ave.

South Milwaukee, WI 53172




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Inside back cover


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August 12, 2006



1606 Kinnan Trail

Deland, FL   32720

(386) 804-1063



2137 N. Hampton Cir.

Winter Park, FL  32792

(407) 678-3281



 Cari Patton

 P.O. Box 320113

 Cocoa Beach,  FL   32932-0113

 (321) 784-3987

 (321) 693-3988 Cell Phone



Linard Morris

12931 S.W. 10th Ct.

Davie, FL       33325

(954) 472-0461




Steve Capps

339 E. Beresford Ave.

Deland, FL   32724

(386) 561-7918




412 Louisiana Ave.

St. Cloud, Fl  34769

(407) 892-6796      fax (407) 847-3265


1 CaraVans of Jacksonville

   6812 Miss Muffet Lane N.

   Jacksonville, Fl     32210

   "Thumper"            (904) 786-3737


7 Heads Up Truckers

    P.O. Box 320113

    Cocoa Beach, FL  32932-0113

    Cari Patton             (321) 784-3987


2 Central Florida Vans, Inc.

   817 Wildabon Ave.

   Lake Wales, FL        33853-3458

   Judith Pilon          (407) 484-2234


 8 Party Hardy Vanners

     6327 Frost Dr.

     Tampa, FL   33625

     Faith Wineberg        (813) 265-8693


3 Coastal Vans of Daytona

   683 S. Center

   Ormond Beach, FL   32174

   Danío            (386) 673-2149 


 9 Relentless Vanners

     P.O. Box 2771

     Concord, NH    03302

     Steve Martin      (603) 848-5256


4 Coastal West

    8505 Wolf Den Trail

    Port Richey, FL    34668

    Richard Kleszczynski       (727) 868-8998


10 S. Florida Vans, Broward Chapter

     12931 S.W. 10th Ct.

     Davie, FL            33325

     "Sidewinder"          (386) 397-1616


5  Fore Play Vanners

    6 Teak Run

    Ocala, FL   34471

    Celia Van                (352) 598-1594


11  Vans of Ft. Liquordale, Ltd.

     395 S.W. 64th Terrace

     Margate, FL          33068

     "Spooky Tooth"        (954) 974-5929


6 Gold Coast Vans of Florida

   15086  86th Rd. N.

   Loxahatchee, FL   33470

   Mike Moore         (561) 793-8413


12  White Sands Vans

     P.O. Box 19131

     Pensacola, FL          32523

     George Jordan        (850) 455-1443



13. West Coast Vans

     12251 S.E. 66th Place

      Morriston, FL             32668

      Rick Chester   (352) 489-6479

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Florida Van Council

Membership and newsletter application



Club Ė If you are not a member of a club write ďindependentĒ






City                                                                              State                            Zip




bulletFVC members are entitled to the following: dash plaque, window sticker, membership card, FVC Newsletter, and discount to all FVC sanctioned eVANts.
bulletAll members may vote at meetings and hold an office.
bulletIf you renew your membership before December 31 you will get a $1.00 discount.


                              $20 (1 year Jan. Ė Dec.)

                              $15 (1/2 year July 1 Ė Dec. 31)


bulletIt is your responsibility to notify the FVC of any address or phone number changes or you may not receive your newsletter or member benefits.
bulletPlease make all checks and money orders payable to Florida Van Council and mail to FVC Treasurer: Linard Morris; 12931 S.W. 10th Ct.; Davie FL 3325



It is your responsibility to keep your address and phone listing up to date!   



Keep on Vanning. It donít get no better than this!


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