Nov. 2010

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  Florida Van Council Newsletter












November 13, 2010
Working for the betterment of Vanning

Election of officers this meeting!




Florida Van Council Agenda


Date: November 13, 2010

Time: 12:00

Cost: pay campground when you come in, or before noon

Place: Floridian RV Resort; 5150 Boggy Creek Rd.; St. Cloud, FL 34771; 407-892-5171


11:45am    Officers to meeting room (open discussion sheet is displayed)

12:00 noon      Meeting begins

1.      Minutes of last meeting

2.      Roll call and Roster update

3.      Treasurer’s report

4.      Newsletter report

5.      Old Business,

6.      New Business

7.      Van-in proposals

8.      Van-in updates

9.      Election of officers

10.  Clean up meeting area and prepare for evening activities


*** Leave it like we found it or better! ***

Before leaving the campground, find out how to dispose of trash.


Drive Safe

Next Newsletter deadline – December 17, with holidays and a new editor try to send articles ASAP.


President’s Page

Hi Vanners

            The year is winding down. We have the Keys truck-in and the last council meeting left to go along with some Christmas party’s. So get your calendar out and check it twice for the dates. The council meeting will be election time so make sure your rep is there (or you) and bring a covered dish. We will need to discuss the Florida C of C for 2012. So bring some thoughts and ideas and see if we can out do the last one we did.

            If you missed Glenda and Jr’s Labor Day party, sorry about your luck. We had a great time! It took Pam and me about eight hours to get there. Why eight hours?  I had a little radiator problem, now I know why I get other people to do my mechanic work. Pam was a little surprised at her 50th birthday party that she did not want. I would like to thank everybody who helped with it. The food was great; the entertainment in the pool was interesting. I am looking forward to next year, if they will have us. I promise next year the meeting will be on time.

            By the time you get this the Keys Truckin will be going on. I hope you pre-registered; so far we had 25 vans registered. We are not having a band this year so bring some games. Hope to see you there!



            Thank you to everyone who sent prayers, messages of sorrow and safe trip. Lew’s mother was an important part of our family and she will be missed. When she was my age she went to several eVANts and had a good time. Several vanners spent the weekend at the Skoko’s home in Ohio and the one in Pittsburgh. Mom was an out going person who loved people. The pain of our loss is still there but we know it will ease with time. Thank you again for you concerns and well wishes. Friends like you are rare. We treasure each and every one of you.


Lew, Agnes and family

Dear Friends,

                I have really enjoyed doing the newsletter. My major goal was to make our newsletter a respected source of information among vanners, while keeping expenses as reasonable as possible.  In the future, I will help the newsletter editor as much as I can. I did the FVC Newsletter since 1986. I remember when cut and paste was done with scissors and glue. So it is time to get some new ideas I hope you will give Randy your full support. I could not have done this alone. Thank you to everyone who helped over the years.                           Agnes

Vice President’s Page


Dear FVC,

Thanks to all for your calls, emails and cards.  Still going thru some stuff and hope to be able to make it to the Keys.
It's the end of another great VAN year.  I've had a lot of fun. 
The Pig Roast is upon us.  Don't forget your favorite, filled, covered dish and some tall tales for the camp fire.  If you have eVANt ideas, officer nominations or games to play, bring 'em with you.

Looking forward to Vanners4Vanners in January.

Have a safe Holidays.  Be kind to one another.



       November is here, the keys are history, and it’s time for one of my favorite FVC meetings, The Pig Roast when we get to eat lots of good food and pig.

       Our last FVC meeting was awesome, Jr. and Glenda are great hosts. We had a good turnout even though the meeting started a little late. Everybody who made it a weekend had a great time. Everybody just relaxed and let the good times roll. I know that Jr. must have put something in the pool water cause it really made us act funny (I’ve seen the video, Oop).

       Sorry I missed the keys but I have a Van to build hopefully by May so I’ll just have to enjoy the stories.

       The remaining eVANts are all fun and don’t cost much. Make a note of the dates for the Pig Roast, The holiday parties, Rick’ New Years, and the Freeze for All ( I meant Vanners for Vanners ). So make plans to go vanning, we have a good time, good food, and it’s a great way to unwind.

        To Lew and Agnes, Carol and I are extremely sorry for your loss, no matter what the situation losing a loved one always hurts.

                                                               K.O.V.  …Buffalo Bob

P.S. Vote for Me!!



Florida Van Council Minutes

Minutes of the September 4, 2010 meeting at Junior and Glenda’s in Englewood are as follows:

Linard called the meeting to order. 

Minutes of the June 12, 2010 meeting were read and approved.

There were 9 clubs present and No Excused Absences (out of 14 clubs total) during roll call.

 Mook gave the Treasurer's report.

 Linard noted that it’s time to get your pre-reg in for the Keys eVant.



 Agnes noted that we need toner for the big printer.  It’s lasted about 1 ˝ years.  We print 100 – 125 copies on each issue.

 She also noted that we need a volunteer to do the newsletter.  Gnarly volunteered, to a round of applause, to take over the newsletter.  Linard noted that we need to give many thanks to Lew & Agnes for faithfully keeping the newsletter going for so many long hears.  He noted that it is the longest running vanning newsletter, since 1976.   In fact, as far as we know, Florida Van Council, Wisconsin Van Council, Northeast Ohio Van Congress, New Zealand, and OFV are the only councils who still print a hard copy newsletter.

 Judith noted a minor correction to the current issue of the newsletter.  In her article, she mentioned that you should see the Newseum in Washington, DC if you’re ever up there.  The spell checker must have “corrected” it to Museum, and there are a lot of those in DC.  However, this is a new museum which is dedicated to “News”, hence the name “Newseum”.




November 13

St. Cloud – Floridian R.V. Resort – Pig Roast and Election of Officers


Judith is working on getting van trophies for the Keys eVANt.  $26 plus extra stuff, like getting the plaques to go on the trophies.



 The Keys Truck-in:  The group concluded that we would not have a band.  Spookytooth noted that a friend of Chet’s was quoted $75 per night for staying at the campground before and after the eVANt.  That’s not right.  The special vanner rate is supposed to be in effect for vanners for a week before the eVant and 2 weeks after.  Be sure and call the local number, 305-872-2217 and ask for Marlene.  Don’t bother with the 800 number.  Those folks don’t know anything about the special event rates.

Judith noted that she could get new FVC window stickers for $15.  That’s for the large one that pretty much fills up the back window.  See Judith if you’re interested.

 The NATS Board has a printable copy of the “Vanners Helping Vanners” booklet on their website,


ForePlay          May 6 – 8, 2011.  Beverly Beach.  Details to follow.


FVC                             October 29 – 31, 2010.  Sunshine Key.  NOTE:  This is a pre-reg ONLY event.  You need to get pre-reged.  We aren’t planning any games.  If you want to bring a game (or two), go ahead; just be sure to bring the trophies.  Spookytooth noted that it’s just like we’re at Junior and Glenda’s’.  There will be Van Judging on Saturday, as well as a Pumpkin Carving Contest and Costume Contest.  We don’t expect many trick-or-treaters, so bring the candy that you like to eat, in case end up eating it. 

Vanners for Vanners   January 14 – 15, 2011.  Doe Lake Campground, Ocala National Forest.  Pre-reg by December 1, 2010 is $45.  After that, it is $50.  If you show up at the gate, and are not pre-reged, or have not notified us by 1/1/2011 that you are coming, you may not eat.




Nominated By



Buffalo Bob





Buffalo Bob





Newsletter Editor



Van Judge




 There are Wacko patches & stuff for sale to fund his 6-year-old son’s education.

 The NATS will be in Ohio next year.  Theme is the Depression.  “Vanners Night In” is included in the admission price, not extra, as it has been in the past.

 Jo & Oop have started, so send in a video of your van.

 Rich thanked everyone for the cards and those who came to the services for Joannie.

 Buffalo Bob thanked all those who gave their kind thoughts & wishes regarding the passing of his Dad.

 Linard thanked Junior & Glenda for hosting the meeting/party.

 Pam thanked everyone for her surprise 50th birthday party.



 Cari and Judith gave an update.  The hotel is the Holiday Inn, Sunspree Resort, Marina Cove, St. Petersburg, FL.  It is a small “Mom & Pop” hotel, South of  St. Pete.  150 rooms at $89/night (up to 4 in a room).  It is self-contained.  There is a restaurant on-site, as well as a playground and playroom for the kids.  We can reserve the entire hotel for Vanners so we don’t have to worry about noise complaints, etc. 

There is a “super shuttle” available for $20 a head.  We can explore other shuttle options later.  There are 3 airports available; Tampa, Clearwater, and Sarasota.  We can raffle off some rooms for fund raising purposes.  The hotel is located on the Bay.

 A motion by Linard that the FVC propose to host the 2012 CofC meeting at the 2011 CofC meeting was carried by a unanimous hand vote.

 The deadline for inputs to the next newsletter is October 8, 2010.

 FVC dues are due at the next meeting.  That meeting is election of officers, and the annual Pig Roast, so bring a covered dish on November 13.

 Cari made a motion to adjourn and the meeting was concluded.


Respectfully submitted,

Scribe John



Hello Vanners!

 2011 Newsletter Editor ‘Gnarly’ here saying get your address books up to date, and mail those articles, pictures, videos, letters, news items,  QR codes, and emails to me now: please use  for any email items, or find me on Facebook … just search for ‘captain gnarly’. My full address will also be found elsewhere in this newsletter!!

 2010 has been a year of change for me, and several vanners close to me as well. Please don’t be shy and come ask me “what’s up” if something is on your mind, just remember I don’t play the gossip game! I do however welcome the opportunity to set things straight, and if you feel I have wronged anyone…please tell me, or at least give me the opportunity of explaining my view on any particular situation. As many of you know, my heart is and always will be in Vans & most importantly, the Vanners. My vanning family has watched me grow up(haha) ok let’s stick with older…how ‘bout this, I love all of you!

 The 2010 tourist season here in West coast FLA has been terrible, however I welcome the opportunity that this created! We the FVC will be putting in a bid to host the CofC 2012 right here in my back yard! Well a hotel not too far away – A hotel that we the FVC will have entire run of for Friday & Saturday!
I am not sure if ya’ll know how much I dislike California (no disrespect Left coasters) however I will be making every effort to attend the 2011 CofC in CA, & I suggest you do the same to support the effort of the FVC.

 Great showing up in GSVR! Wish I was there with ya’s, but due to the Gnarly & Mook show going to the Bahamas for a lot of October and being able to still make it to the Keys, we couldn’t make it, but sounded like I shoulda been there anyway! If ya missed the last FVC meeting/ birthday party/ house party at Jr. & Glenda’s, well you missed it big…what else to say, but thanks to OOP for the posting of the water aerobics video!!

 I do look forward to the next many years of Vanning in FLORIDA & beyond!

 Your Proud 2011 Florida Van Council Newsletter Editor

 Captain Gnarly
3932 Poinsettia Dr
St Pete Beach, FL 33706


Note: All future newsletter articles can be sent to above address.

 Florida Van Council Thanks for making our 2010 Labor Day Party bigger than ever, we had 44 people, and 14 vans. We welcomed a few 1st timers & our long distance friend Beavis from Ohio.  Thanks to everyone for all your help, food & drink was plenty.  Our birthday girl was surprised; Thanks to all our vanner girl- friends for making it happen!  We had a great Mexican dinner, jell-o shots, a roast dinner, shrimp & dip, mac & cheese, pasta salad, meatball subs & the famous 15 bean soup, birthday cake, cupcakes & cookies, we love & ate it all, Jr. made his toasted cheese with bacon for breakfast, there was so much more too, it was all delicious!! Judith got us decked out in FVC t-shirts! Fun & laughter was everywhere! How about that synchronized swimming routine??!! & The hysterical Arcade duck?! Shower caps and all, Jr. cleared the lania by shooting everyone with his water noodle. Chet went home a day early by accident!?  We even videotaped with Oop & Jo, so we can be famous on You Tube!! Thanks for the music & sunflower! Once again the rain didn't stop us from eating, drinking, playing dice & other stuff. You can't have Labor Day without the rain. We enjoyed the house full of friends!! See you next year!!

Peace & love,

Jr & Glenda


 October  2010 



Grease by Hy-Rollin Vans at Wadsworth County Fairgrounds RT 11 Elkhorn WI pre entry by 10/1 $40 gate $45. Sleeping trlrs $15. ex persons $10.  send to Hy-Rollin Vans  C/O Taz  12866 W. Country Club Ave Waukegan, IL  60087  847-560-5147 Thur $20.  



End of Summer Party by Narragansett Van and Panel Truckers. at Doc & Dee's Playground, Hope Valley RI.  401-539-2118   I-95 exit 2 follow signs to RT 3 N. go up the hill past Edwards Garage and take the next left onto Fenner Hill Rd.  Follow for about 1.5 miles take a left into the 3rd house on the left #189  no Electric heater or blankets



38th Annual West Coast Van Nationals @ King City Salinas Valley Fairgrounds Vanners in Wonderland. California's Premier Event Pre entry by 9/24 $35.00 Gate $40.  Motor Homes $45. gate $50 small trlrs $10 over 10 Ft. $20.  Checks to Kathy Willis and send to 4136 Carola Ave. San Jose, CA  95130 408-249-4451 please pre-order t-shirts by size



Summerset by PennsylVANia Van Council. Fair Grounds 601 E. Market St.  Gratz PA  info  Phil Martin 507-374-5534 orJim Thorne PO Box 406 Reading PA 19607 bring a canned good and treats for the kids. $40.00 at the gate.  $35.00 pre-reg, ex people $10.00 Campers up to 16 ft $20 over $25. all motor homes $75. plus one can of food



HOAVC Monster HAVOC #32. new grounds do to flooding.  Down Under Campground Turney MO. Trick or treating, live music, free beer, games, food, heated buildings. Pre-reg (10/1) $35, gate $40, exs $10, trlrs $10, Thur night $10. Info:, email:  send pre-reg to Patty Weber 8649 N. Hull  Kansas City MO  64154  phone 513-260-9803



Frost Bite   Frolics by All 4-Wheel Drive Vans and Car City Truckers @ Stateline Campground, RT 20 S  850 Winchendon Rd.  Fitzwilliam NH.  Trick or Treat  info call Barry 978-630-1154 winter, Summer 603-585-9137



End of Summer Party by Narragansett Van and Panel Truckers. at Doc & Dee's Playground, Hope Valley RI.  401-539-2118   I-95 exit 2 follow signs to RT 3 N. go up the hill past Edwards Garage and take the next left onto Fenner Hill Rd.  Follow for about 1.5 miles take a left into the 3rd house on the left #189  no Electric heater or blankets



Halloween HAVOC 16 by Van Masters in Motion and Nomads van Club.  At Hidden Acres Campgrounds Bowling Green VA pre reg by 9/30  $50 gate $55. ex people pre $20. gate $25. trlr 1 axle pre reg $35 gate $40. 2 axle pre $40. gate $45. motor homes  pre $90. gate $95. children 12 and older $20.   send to All in One Van Alliance PO Box 28084 Baltimore MD 21229 call 6 deuce 410-780-0606



FVC Van Insanity - Florida Keys - hosted by FVC at the Sunshine Key Campground MM 39 just S of the 7 mile bridge. Pre-reg ONLY BEFORE October 1, 2010.  $75 per van (2 people).  $15 ex people.  $105 sleep-in trlrs and motor homes. Limited number of sites at this price.  Info: Spookytooth 954-695-5786 



Halloween Party by Michelle, at 308 Lilac Lane, Las Vegas NV time O'Darkish or anytime after 4 PM. a costume makes it fun for everyone-be creative.  (or come as your ghoulish self if you must) Beer, wine, appetizers, witches brew or BYOB if those are not to your taste.  Let Michelle know if you are coming by calling 702-885-6139 or



Hooters of Kansas Speedway Van show.  1712 Village West Parkway Kansas City, KS This is our 1st annual Van show. Hosted by Vanarchy Vans and Hooters of Speedway, trophies to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners of the show and shine. Please Vans and Panel Trucks only. The judges will be the girls of Hooters Speedway This is a free event but if you would like to show your van it will be a $10 fee but door prizes will be handed out to all who participate. Hooter’s is supplying drink and food specials during the show. Please if you know anyone who would like to be invited or would come please pass this invite on because we only have a limited number on people this might reach

November  2010 



Halloween Party hosted by Getaway Truckers at Riverside Sportsmen's Assoc. Riverside RI info Dave Getaway @ 20 Pleasant Dr . Rochdale, MA  01542  508-892-8390 



Fill A Van wtih Toys for Tots hosted by Ultimate Truckers Wolcott Ct.  contact Todd 203-879-2704



Florida Van Council meeting at Florida Campland on hwy 15 in St. Cloud Fl  There will be a Pig Roast/



Dead Bird Day at the Dave Cave #3 with Dave Astro in Woolwich, Maine.  Check out for updates



December  2010 



Vannin-For Tots by NCVC at San Benito County Fairgrounds  (Rabbit and Poultry Building) Hollister CA, $35/00 pre entry, $35/00 gate  $40.  for RVs. $10.for trlrs.  Plus TWO New Unwrapped Toys (each must be a valued at $5. or more.  Lynn 510-352-2606 or Kathy 408-249-4451



27th Annual Truckin for Tots hostef by NE Truckin for Tots committee West Greenwich Elks, West Greenwich, RI info contact Dave Getaway @ 20 Pleasant Dr . Rochdale, MA  01542  508-892-8390



34th Annual Christmas Party by Three Trails Vans @Pleasant Valley Community Center, Pleasant Valley, MO  7 PM  - midnight. music by Noone's Tunes, smacks and set ups provided by 3 trails Plenty of hotels close by



Van Council meeting Karlstad Sweden  e-mail.



Broward Chapters Christmas Party at Lew and Agnes's.  Bring a covered dish, an auction gift valued at $10. and drinks.  Camping in the yard.  412 Louisiana Ave.  St. Cloud, FL  407-892-6796



Christmas Party at Coastal Vans.  Bring a covered dish, auction gift valued at $10. And your drinks.  Camping in the yard.  683 S. Center Ormond Beach, FL  386-673-2149

31 - 1/2


New Years Eve at the Chester Ranch.  12251 S.E. 66 th place Morriston, FL  32668  352-489-6479 Cost $10.00 per person.  From I-75 take Rt 40 west to Rt 41 N for 5 miles to 80th street west to Rt  121 S to CR 337 N to 120 CT E to 66 PL S the house is on the left.  From US 19 N turn right on to RT 121 and left on CR 337 to 120 Ct E to 66 Pl right  bring a covered dish and what you are drinking for New Years



January 2011



Freeze out by Freebird Vans of VA, Rockahock Campground, Lanexa, VA  more to came as available



Vanners for Vanners Vanners for Vanners Will be held at Doe Lake in the Ocala National Forest. Pre reg by 12/1/10 is $45.00 after 12/1/10 it is $50.00.  You must let us know if you are coming by 1/1/11.  We must know you are coming so we have enough food. Doe Lake is located in the S West corner of the Ocala national Forrest.  GPS coordinates are N 29. 2.370 W 81  49.158  From Rt 40 out of Ocala take Rt 314A S which turns into SE 95th St and then into 182 Ave.  You are looking for Forest road 573/14 turn left and go .9 mile and turn right at the sign for Doe lake.  From the turnpike take exit 296 which is RT. 470 E to RT. 33 N to 27 N. to 25 N. to 42 E.  when you turn on 42  for 7.4 miles till you get to the blinking light at 182 Ave. Turn N and go 4.1 miles to Forest Rd 573/14  go right for .9 miles and the grounds are on the right.  From the E take 42 cross over RT. 19 and keep going until you get to about 10-12 mile until you get to the blinking light at 182 Ave and turn right  Follow the above directions.  There are beautiful bathrooms with handicap showers.  A large Historic building built by the CCC.  The building is all wood including beautiful hard wood floors.  There will be no GLASS, SMOKING or PETS in the building.  No arrivals before 3 PM on Fri and the gates will be locked except for emergencies on Sat night at 8 PM.  Breakfast will be served Sat and Sun.  Dinner Sat night and soup on Fri night.  There is no stove or oven so if you bring something to cook you must a container.  Send Pre-reg to Randy and Jean Connell at 12595 137th St. N.  Largo, FL   33774  For info call Randy and Jean 727-517-0183  or Judith at 407-484-2234  There are plenty of fire rings and water faucets.  No electric in the sites. Bring fire wood 



Lets Get Snowed 27 by Downstate Illinois Van Council at McCritters Bar and Grill located at 2801 Court Street, Pekin, IL  Live Band, Starts at * PM Beer on Tap, other beverage available for purchase  McCritters will serve hot breakfast food form 8 am till noon. Sun.  The bar is connected to the Concord Inn and Suites.  telephone 309-347-5533.  Rooms are $55. plus tax.  mention DIVC for discount  entry fee is $12.00 per person Hospitality room located in the Marigold room on the 4th floor.  DIVC Meeting @3 PM bring a bottle donation for the shots bar.  info call John 309-678+7456 



Winter Celebration (Installation Dance) by the NCVC $15. per person admission.  Party Room Fri afternoon thru Sat night.  Comfort Inn 10 N. Irwin St. Hanford CA  559-584-9300 Call and make your reservation ASAP



February 2011



9th NON Super bowl party and Chili cook off  by CaMel and Darrel (cook off judged during the 2nd quarter) awards after the game.  1 PM till???.  game starts at 3:15  20752 Begonia Dr. Yorba Linda  Phone 714-970-//75 or e-mail 



Council of Councils by Left Coast Vans at Radisson Suites Hotel 7762 Beach Blvd, Buena Park CA  hotel 714-739-5600 all rooms are suites. with Bedroom, living room and private bath.  Room rate with tax is $94.15 includes breakfast buffet, Closest airport is John Wayne.  more info as available.  say you are with the Council of Councils.  Van show, hot wheels race, Hollyood theme



38th Annual Ground Hog Party Vanners in Paradise by Vannatics. Fri night Pool Party with free beer music by the Noon's.  Sat Pool party with music, Sat night Band, free beer, games, door prizes and free chili and fixins, free breakfast both days. NEW LOCATION Best Western Carlinville Inn 19067 West Frontage Rd Raymond IL  62560 reservations call 217-324-2100.  Rooms are $66.00 per night.  39 S of Springfield exit 60 on hwy 55.  All this for $20. For $20.00 per adult for both nights or $15.00 for Sat night.  Limited number of T-Shirts so pre order yours.  Call Daren 217-652-6968 or Stan 217-638-1928



March 2011



Primitive at Sidewinders, Bring a pot luck dish. 352-258-67618 White Springs Fl take I-75 N to the first exit past I-10 which is exit 435. Go left on RT 136 to White Springs. Follow the signs to Stephen Foster State park.  Go by the entrance and continue until you reach a blinking light.  Turn right and then turn right again just after the rail road tracks and follow that road to the end.  You will see the log house.



Florida Van Council meeting at Sidewinders during the above event



38th Anniversary Bull and Oyster by Nomads Van Club at Martin's E  9000 Pulaski Hwy Baltimore MD  410-686-8500 9PM till 1 AM Open Bar Top Shelf, Dance music, Donation TBA semi-formal for ticket info call Swat 410-367-7952 or Eric 410-892-2079



May 2011



Fore Play Vanners Truck-in at the Beach,  at Beverly Beach more info as available Call Shogun at  386-804-1063  386-804-1063 



 Spring Back 2011 at Knox CO Fairgrounds, Mt. Vernon Oh.   Dinner on Sat night.  Live music Show and Shine, games etc. Pre reg $30. Camp trlrs $15. gate $40.  ex people $10.  Send to Vans on the Run, PO Box 247614 Columbus, OH  43224.  Directions Take RT 3 to the N Edge of Mt. Vernon.  Turn West at the flashing light. more info Call 614-268-9060



Spring Feaver #34 Vanners gone Wild by Vantasia Vans @Down Under Campground Turney MO $30.00 pre entry $40.00 gate, Trlrs $10. ex people $10. pre reg by May 6, 2011.  send to Vantasia Vans  727 S 6th St. Edwardsville, KS 66111 contact Don Noone 913-731-3707 or Ginger 913-441-6794 



Lost Memorial Day Weekend   Hosted by Concerned Vanners at Washington County Fairgrounds, 392 Old Schuyerville RD  Greenwich, NY pre reg by 5/1 $35.00 gate $40. ex people $5. trlrs under 16ft $10. over $20.  motor homes  with van pre reg $60. gate $65. alone $50. and $55.  make check to Lucy McCasland mail to   Lost Memorial Day Weekend c/o Lucy McCasland  PO Box 893 Saranac lake, NY  13983  call Willie 803-432-2752 



36th Mid-west International Truck-in "St. Vanrick Day " e-mail Woody  or Register at the Gate.  Rolling Hills Campground, 3151 County Rd 2800 E, Penfield, IL  Live bands 2 nights, DJ Fri, Games,  pre reg by 5/15 $40. , gate $50. ex people $15. Camper Trlrs $20. Thur night $15.  We Take Paypal::  contact 630-363-8267 or  708-359-3274 send to Midwest V ltd  1589 Wolf Rd. Berkeley, IL  60163



June  2011



Summer Blast 1 by Mid America Street Van Asso.  at Jonesburg Gardens Campground 5 Highway E. Jonesburg MO preentry $35. non-members $30. MASVA Members Gate $45.  $40.MASVA members.  lympics of Vanning Satruday. Fri Beach Blast Party at the pool 8 PM till.   Wine tours $10. by the campground gates open noon Fri.  ex nights $20. for info call Steve Ashley 314-704-6554  



Misty Mountain HoeDown #29 at Bolado Park CA.  please take note that in 2012 this will also be a reunion known as the final round-up.  If you are in contact with any of the old Misty Mountain Vanners please let them know.  >> by or 408-378-5998 or 



Van Fest 16. Canada's Largest  van and truck show at Aylmer, Ont. Canada Pre reg by June 1 $35 at gate $45.  ex people $10. trlrs $15. send to Vanfest 225 Hysert St. Grimsby, Ontario Canada L3M4E7 web site is   info call Stach 905-643-0162 or e-mail  theme is Roaring Twenties,    from the west on 401 take Wellington Rd to Hwy 3 St. Thomas to Springwater Rd. to the Conservation Rd.  From the E 401 to Hwy 73 thought Aylmer to Conservation Rd.  address is 8079 Springwater Road Aylmer, ON  GPS Cords are N 42 45.019 W 81 01.685




Maritime Van Council 35th Anniversary VAN_IN  St. Anne de Kent, New Brunswick, Canada (just outside Bouctouche) Cost is $45 for W/E....Power is limited, but may be upgraded by then...Theme for the meet/ Sat night dance is "Olympics". Site is an Old drive in, with the drive-in canteen open for business, Breakfast-til late night. very good food, reasonable prices.
#1 Jacques (French/English) (506)-576-9745`
#2 D'Arcy (Dox)...English only,lol (902)675-3195.... 



July 2011



39th National Truckin. Hosted by Vans on the Run at Guernsey County Fairgrounds Old Washington OH. Pre entry $50. $ gate.  Trlrs $20. ex people $20.  Early entries will be charged $10 per van and $10. per trlr per day PLUS ONE CAN OF FOOD. Vans and Panels only. Van Judging will begin on Fri and Conclude on Sat to allow all to participate and compete.  Pre entry Deadline June 1, 2011.  Send pre entry's to Vans on the Run PO Box 247614, Columbus, OH  43224 call D.J. 614-268-9060 or Coop 614-28-71-0563 event emergency # 614-403-9874.  The Event Theme is the Great Depression so on Wednesday night there will be a Free Vanners Night in soup Kitchen.  Best Hobo Camp prize. 



August  2011



Wild in the woods #8 by Sunshine Supervans  Wooded Hills CA gates open at 12 PM.  Pre-reg only by 7/25/10 $35.00 for 1 vehicle and 2 adults.  Contact Bill-O at or Karen @ 928-754-4027   Michelle @  702-885-6139   send pre reg to Bill-o @ 3440 Sunbonnet Dr. Bullhead City, AZ 86429 



September  2011 

2-5  3


Labor Day at Jr. and Glenda's.40 Wicklow Ln, Englewood, FL Pot Luck Dinner, FVC Meeting  on Sat.   Bring a pot luck dish and park in the yard.  be prepared to have fun. FVC meeting


Pam celebrated her birthday at the Labor Day council meeting. Freeway did a fantastic job of pulling it all together. Everyone had a great time. Ask Pam about her gifts!




November 13, 2010


Linard Morris
12931 S.W. 10th Ct.
Davie, FL       33325


2137 N. Hampton Cir.
Winter Park, FL  32792

VICE-PRES & Social Director:

Cari Patton
P.O. Box 320113
Cocoa Beach,  FL   32932-0113


Meredith Averitt
3932 Poinsettia Dr
St Pete Beach
, FL       33706


Junior Sammet
7240 Wicklow Lane
Englewood, FL    34224


“Captain Gnarly”
3932 Poinsettia Dr
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706


1  Buckeye Van Association South

    6219 Faber Drive

    Brooksville, FL             34602

    R.V.                        (330) 281-3935



8 HUT Slut Tours

     P.O. Box 320113

     Cocoa Beach, FL  32932-0113

     Cari Patton             (321) 784-3987


2 CaraVans of Jacksonville

   6812 Miss Muffet Lane N.

   Jacksonville, Fl     32210

   "Thumper"            (904) 786-3737


  9 Red Eye Truckers

     225 Spring Garden Ranch Rd.

     DeLeon Springs, FL    32130

     Buffalo Bob      (386) 717-3945


3 Central Florida Vans, Inc.

   817 Wildabon Ave.

   Lake Wales, FL        33853-3458

   Judith Pilon          (407) 484-2234


10 Relentless Vanner

     5 Calendula Ct. E.

     Homosassa, FL     34446

     Mark Waterman      (603) 892-0571


4 Coastal Vans of Daytona

   683 S. Center

   Ormond Beach, FL   32174

   Russ Stumpf            (386) 673-2149


11 S. Florida Vans, Broward Chapter

     12931 S.W. 10th Ct.

     Davie, FL            33325

     "Sidewinder"          (386) 397-1616


5  Coastal West

    8505 Wolf Den Trail

    Port Richey, FL    34668

    Richard Kleszczynski       (727) 868-8998


12 West Coast Vans

     12251 S.E. 66th Place

      Morriston, FL             32668

      Rick Chester   (352) 489-6479

6  Fore Play Vanners

    3701 Southview Dr.

    Brandon, FL   33511

    Magoo Hartman                (813) 267-9794


13 Vans of Ft. Liquordale, Ltd.

     395 S.W. 64th Terrace

     Margate, FL          33068

     "Spooky Tooth"        (954) 974-5929


7 Grateful Sleds

   1810 Sable Palm Drive

   Edgewater, FL   32132

   Glenn (Space Man) & Maria Pellath       (386) 409-9777


14 White Sands Vans

     P.O. Box 19131

     Pensacola, FL          32523

     George Jordan        (850) 455-1443


15  Independents





Florida Van Council

Membership and newsletter application



Club – If you are not a member of a club write “independent”











City                                                     State                            Zip






bulletAll members may vote at meetings and hold an office.

·         If you renew your membership after December 31 it will be an additional $1.00 ($21)                            

                              $20 (1 year Jan. – Dec.)

                              $15 (1/2 year July 1 – Dec. 31)


bulletIt is your responsibility to notify the FVC of any address or phone number changes or you may not receive your newsletter or member benefits.
bulletPlease make all checks and money orders payable to Florida Van Council
and mail to:
 FVC Treasurer: Meredith Averitt; 3932 Poinsettia Dr, St Pete Beach, FL 33706



It is your responsibility to keep your address and phone listing up to date! 


Keep on Vanning. It don’t get no better than this!