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Luke and Leslie 

Luke (aka Lukester) started his love for vans as a young child due to his grandfather's 1985 Dodge B250.  He bought his first van, a 1978 Dodge Maxi wagon at age 16.  It was honestly a rust bucket but was all he could afford while working at McDonald’s.  He proposed to Leslie in that van (I guess everyone knows what her answer was).  He ended up selling it a year later.

The first van Luke and Leslie owned together was his grandfather's Dodge. They went to New Jersey to bring her home. The love of this van (aka Black Magic) was what sparked the interest in finding others who felt the same.

Luke found http://vanning.com and Crazie Bob.  Bob invited them to attend an event in 2004.  It was in White Springs at Side Winder's hunting lease. They had a great time but ended up disappearing for a while.

They reemerged at Beverly Beach in 2007 and have been going strong with the FVC ever since. They have no plans of ever disappearing again. They are passing on the love of vans and the vanning community to their four children as they are the future vanners.

Leslie is the current President of the FVC while Luke does all he can to promote the FVC on Vanning.com and anywhere else he can.

The one wish they both have is to see vanning grow and continue. They want people to know that it does not matter how custom or not your van is but it is all about the love of the vans period.



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