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Joe Van & C Van 

Vanning became a way of life for Joe Van around  1983.  He went to a few events put on by Dusk Till Dawn Vans in Rochester NY.

By the age 16 Joe had to have a van.  He talked his parents in to giving him a 1975 Chevy Van for his 16th birthday that he still owns today..!!!...

His parents bought the van in 1979 to use to pick up supplies for their Bar & Restaurant .... Being a 3-speed on the column Joe had to learn how to drive a standard.... His birthday is in January so he took his driving test in the snow and Ice in the van.  He continued going to events in the van until he moved to Florida in 1987.  Shortly after, he joined the FVC.

He went to "Many" vanning events over the years..!!!.. including the Keys event for 16 years straight and 3 van nationals.  Fast forward a few years till 1999 when Joe was helping out at a local car show parking cars.  He had a 1967 Chevy Impala fastback that he drove locally, and this was when we met .

I was driving home when I spotted the car show and decided to stop.  My Dad worked at Ford and there were 2 mustangs for sale.  Joe had seen me and managed to strike up a conversation.  We found we had a lot in common and, being out in the heat all day, he asked if we could cool off in my car.  I said "Sure but I don't have a car.  I have a van."  Joe said "You have a van?" and it was game on. 

Joe Van told me that he wished we had met sooner because there was a van show in the Keys the next weekend.  I asked him what a van show was and he said, "To sum it up, it is the best group of friends you will ever have."  So I took a chance.  We loaded up his Orange van, Stow- A - Way, and off we went to the Keys and it was the best camping trip I have ever had.

Fast forward 15 years and we have attended every event we possibly could.  Joe Van still has his Orange van and 14 years ago I got my van, Pride and Joy, a 1991 Chevy Van.  Just over 2 years ago he bought one of his dream vans an early a 1966 GMC Handivan named... "Red Ryder" which he has completely restored also.!!!.

For us Vanning is a way of life and would not have it any other way.!!!..

Keep On Vanning...

Joe Van & C Van...Adventure Vans of Florida.... 



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