Primitive at Sidewinder's

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Here are some pictures with more to come later

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Cari and Carol by the fire on Friday night Friday nights fire no Randy in site yet Saturday the President brings out the big guns Come on Smokey give us that log what is taking so long Randy did you really need all that help


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Come on Lew lets get this one right Think we can get this log in here is this a good log? Smokey and Carol at work you want us to do what?
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hay you have a job for us? It may have been Cari's birthday but Cale wears the hat


it's my birthday and I'll ride anything I want to VP and President in the dog house
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Home Sweet Home Vice Prez takes a break      
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Pyro Randy   Where? vans at the campfire Take a break
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Our project        
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Let's go Smokey Let's go for a ride Mechanic needed now they're ready I'll help fill in the pool
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future stars? relaxing after a day of helping Ralph is telling a story I don't want this day to end I don't want to go to bed.

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