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Light Speed

Cale and his 1998 E-150 Ford


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The man and his van

The exterior

Some good shots

of how the color

in the paint changes
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  Nice wheels The engine   Step-in out
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      Lots of sound  
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The interior

is nicely color

coordinated with

the exterior  

This E 150, named Light Speed, is driven daily.  It has a 4.6 Triton motor That comes stock at 215 hp, and has been modified to close to 300 hp.  Performance changes made are shaved heads, Underdrive pulleys, Black Max dual electric fan made by Flex-a-Lite, Flowmaster free flow dual exhaust with chrome exhaust tips, and originally had a 3.55 rear gear, and now has 3.73 with a chrome pumpkin cover, custom cold air intake.  Some parts made by Spectre like the filter, mass air flow sensor, and vacuum couplings.  Accel performance coils, and 8mm plug wires, this is all brought together with an engine and transmission tuner made by Sniper.

Paint was done by Expert body shop in Deland.  The color is emerald green/royal blue chamelion called Outrageous made by Matrix, with roof and graphics in orion silver.  Etched glass on driver and passenger front windows, double chrome front bumpers and front lights, turn signals made by Eagle Eye with HID transformers, and rear LED tail lights from a 2004 Ford Excursion. 

Custom interior including stereo and lights, were built and installed by the owner, Cale Capps, aka Shogun, a member of Foreplay Vanners.  Hattie, of Coastal Vans of Daytona, is responsible for the awesome upholstery.  Seats, door panels, dog house, & cushions, including the embroidered dragons in the head rests.

The stereo has an Alpine head unit is CD, MP3, XM Satellite, and AV inputs in order to utilize the van as a DJ center.  Speakers consist of 12 Tweeters, six 5" Mid Range, and two 12" P2's & one 15" dual voice coil T1 subwoofers.  All speakers and amps are Rockford Fozgate.  Amps include  one Power 650/1300 watts, one P3001/450 watts, & one P4004/650 watts.  Cale intends to do some more engine modifications and install more LED lights and Neons.  Wheels are Chrome Cruiser Custom 18" 255/55 R 18 Falken Z-Rated tires.

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