November 11, 2006 Minutes

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Minutes of the November 11, 2006 meeting at Floridian R.V. Resort in St. Cloud are as follows:

Cale called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the August 12, 2006 meeting were read and approved.

There were 9 clubs present (out of 15 clubs total) during roll call.

Linard gave the Treasurer's report.




Space Man introduced Marc Tancrell, from the New England Van Council (NEVC), and Anthony, a local independent. Bob and Jodi, who used to be with Cloud City Truckers a long time ago, were also present.


Agnes asked Gnarly what would be the best way to get a unified address list for the FVC. He suggested a shared Yahoo account. It was noted that sometimes it is very hard to read people’s writing, making a 100% accurate list impossible to obtain. Again, if someone in your club is not getting their newsletter, give Agnes their NAME, and, hopefully, their address.

Marc, from NEVC, said that, in New England, they send their newsletter electronically. If a member wants the newsletter mailed to their address, they charge $1. Agnes noted that the FVC couldn’t really do that, because not enough members are connected to the Internet. She also noted that we would be buying paper to print the newsletter soon. We get about 1-˝ years worth of newsletters per box of paper.


Linard thanked everyone who attended the Keys event. He noted that Broward plans to do it again next year.

Judith thanked everyone who supported the refreshment center at the Keys. Your support will help upcoming events by Vanners for Vanners, and Coastal.


Cale, Cari and John checked out the Holiday Inn in Cocoa Beach, and found it to be just what we want. Group rate for rooms will be $99, plus 11% tax. The party rooms are NOT connected to the guest rooms. The meeting rooms are great. There are several areas of the parking lot that can be roped off for a van show. There is an early bird breakfast special for only $9. We still need to check on transportation costs from the airport, as the hotel does not have an airport shuttle. Judith reminded everyone that those of us attending the 2007 CofC meeting in Niagara Falls should wear our host vests from the 2004 meeting. And, since we’re proposing to host the next meeting, we should show up in force at Niagara Falls.


Vanners for Vanners January 19 - 21, 2007

River Forest Group camping area near Deland. Judith said we need more pre-registrations. We need to know how many folks are coming so that we are sure to have enough food.


Broward Primitive still at Sidewinder’s, probably on February 24.

Coastal Early to mid-April, 2007 at Thunder Gulch Campground, just north of Bunnell. Considering a date around Easter weekend.

Foreplay May 5, 2007

Beverly Beach. Another "Cinco de Mayo". Will announce for sure as soon as the campground is confirmed.

Cale noted that the FVC had ordered 20 of the 2007 Vanning Calendars to be put out by Sign up if you want to get one of the 20. He noted that we had put in as many of the FVC events as we had dates for at the time the calendar went to press.



There were no new nominations at this meeting, so no offices were contested. Therefore, the nominees were elected by acclamation. The FVC Officers for 2007 are:




Cale Capps

Vice President



Scribe John



Van Judge

Buffalo Bob

Newsletter Editor




There will be a 60th birthday party for Iceman at his house on November 25. This will be a combination party for Iceman and Cale’s wife, Barbara.

Cale said we should plan to truck to an out-of-state van-in together. We used to have a lot of fun doing that in the past. We should re-instate that policy. It was noted that Henry is re-starting Peachtree Vanners. We used to have a blast at his events.

It was noted that Sharon Bruce, a daughter of one of the Coastal members, was recently injured in a bad auto accident.

Space Man noted that there would be a big Thanksgiving show at Daytona. There will be about 5000 show vehicles at the Turkey Rod Run.


Buffalo Bob thanked all the veterans for their service to our country. Judith said we should also remember to thank the veteran’s families.

A motion was made to adjourn and the meeting was concluded.

Respectfully submitted,



Scribe John