March 18, 2006 Minutes

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Minutes of the March 18, 2006 meeting at Floridian RV Resort in St. Cloud are as follows:

Cale called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the January 14, 2006 meeting were read and approved.

There were 6 clubs present and 1 Excused Absence (out of 13 clubs total) during roll call.

Linard gave the Treasurer's report.


Steve Capps noted that he would get married on April 22 at High Noon, in Deland on Lake Dias.  Reception will be held at 339 E. Beresford.  Call Steve for directions.


Cale put out a sign-up sheet for volunteers for games, etc. for the FVC Labor Day event.

Buffalo Bob, of Coastal, suggested that it might be time for the clubs to disappear and have The Florida Van Club, with chapters.  The current club rep could be the President of that chapter.  For example the current rep for Coastal would end up being the President of the Coastal chapter of the Florida Van Club.  We could limit the chapters to 5 vans minimum so we would have more units to put on events.  He also noted that we shouldn’t have to pay $10 to be a club, just so we can have a vote.  Joe Van noted that we only have 2 or 3 events per year.  Let’s do things together.  Chester asked, “How is this going to get us more support?  We still have the same people doing the work.”

Magoo noted that if you want to be independent, do it!  We need the clubs to put on the events.  He also noted, that, the problem with every member voting is that you have to be present to vote.  You wouldn’t have your FVC representative at the meeting, voting for your club.  However, he added that, if you pay dues, you ought to get a vote.  After a straw vote indicated enough interest in each FVC member having a vote, Scribe John was tasked with making a proposed motion and putting it in the next issue of the newsletter.  The reason for this is because this change would affect more than one place in the FVC by-laws.

Broward thanked everyone who attended the primitive at Sidewinder’s.

It was noted that the next meeting would be at Okee-Tantie.  Chester objected to the long drive.  Others noted that Pam and Linard have a long drive to come up to St. Cloud.


FVC                              September 1 – 4, 2006 at Ocala Ranch RV Park. 2559 S.W. Hwy 484, Ocala, FL 34473.  877-809-1100.


Vanners for Vanners       January 19 - 21, 2007 at River Forest Group Camping area near Deland.  Randy noted that the event has been moved back one week.  Pre-reg ONLY.  $42.

The Keys Event             Mike Moore noted that the event will be held next year for sure but there is no signed contract with the campground yet.

Agnes noted that FVC Printer #1 has died, so we’re using Printer #2.

Anyone participating in the Hot Rod Power Tour is invited to Agnes’ house the night before so we can all start together.  You can pay by the day, or for the whole tour.  You get a better parking place and more goodies if you sign up for the whole tour.

On the subject of getting more interest in the FVC, Agnes noted that we need to start USING the tri-fold pamphlets and/or business cards for the windshields.

Cale invited suggestions for a Memorial Day get-together.  He also gave a recap of the Council of Councils (CofC) meeting in Anaheim.  There was an energetic debate regarding kid’s game age, etc.  That is, at what age do you quit participating in the kid’s games and do the adult games?  Iceman said that it’s always up to the parents to police their own kids.  Ila Jean said it should be mandatory for kids to be in their campsite by 10 PM.


Magoo suggested that the FVC propose hosting the 2008 Council of Councils Meeting.  Cari said she would check out some hotels in the Cocoa Beach area.  The 2007 CofC meeting will be held in Niagara Falls.

Cale wants to host the NATS in Florida.  The average attendance is 400 – 500 vans.  He says we could host a NATS with 30 – 40 dedicated folks.  We need to find a location that has plenty of power and water.  Buffalo Bob will see if he can find a suitable location.

Steve Capps made a motion to adjourn and the meeting was concluded.

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