January 19 2008 Minutes

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Minutes of the January 19, 2008 meeting at River Forest Campground near Deland are as follows:

Cale called the meeting to order.


Minutes of the November 10, 2007 meeting were read and approved.


There were 13 clubs present and NO Excused Absence (out of 14 clubs total) during roll call.


Linard gave the Treasurer's report.



Deadline for inputs to the newsletter is always 3 week prior to the meeting.  The deadline for inputs to the next newsletter is February 23, 3 weeks prior to the March 15 meeting.




March 15

Sidewinder’s house in White Springs – Primitive – work party

June 14

St. Cloud – Floridian R.V. Resort

August 9

St. Cloud – Floridian R.V. Resort

November 22

St. Cloud – Floridian R.V. Resort


Judith asked the group to help her sand the wooden nametags for the CofC 2008 meeting.  She passed out sandpaper and the nametags, much to Cale’s dismay.  The gentle sound of sandpaper grating on wood was heard all during the meeting.

Judith noted that there aren’t 6 weeks separating Coastal’s event (April 4-6) and Foreplay’s event (May 2-4), and that’s unfair.  Sanctioned events should be 6 weeks apart.  Cale noted that the FVC by-laws only require 30 days between sanctioned events.

Spookytooth noted that he checked out Fiesta Key as a potential replacement for Sunshine Key for the October event, and it ain’t gonna happen.  They want $70 to $90 per night, with a maximum of one van per site.

Cari noted that the vanners need to pick up all their litter this weekend.   And, she pointed out that pull-tabs, bottle caps, and cigarette butts are considered litter.

Buffalo Bob showed the group one of the limited-edition commemorative plates he is making for the CofC 2008 meeting.  Since he used Hattie’s artwork, he presented her with the first plate made.

Judith thanked everyone who came to the last Vanners for Vanners to be held at River Forest Campground.  She also thanked everyone for sanding the nametags.  There were 102 vanners here for this event.  She also noted that she and Randy are still looking for a suitable location to hold this event next year.

Cari thanked (to a round of applause) Central Florida Vans, who originally started this event, and all the friends who have kept it going all these years.

Crazie Bob made a motion to adjourn and the meeting was concluded.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                                Scribe John