November 10 2007 Minutes

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Minutes of the November 10, 2007 meeting at Floridian R.V. Resort in St. Cloud are as follows:

Cale called the meeting to order.


Minutes of the August 11, 2007 meeting were read and approved.


There were 10 clubs present and NO Excused Absence (out of 14 clubs total) during roll call.


Linard gave the Treasurer's report.


Deadline for inputs to the next newsletter is December 21, but Agnes would really appreciate it if you could get your articles in as soon as possible.


There were no contested offices, so the nominees were elected by acclamation.  The FVC officers for 2008 are:









Newsletter Editor


Van Judge

Buffalo Bob


Vanners for Vanners           

January 18 – 20, 2008.

Vanners for Vanners, the Party Never Ends.  Martin Luther King weekend.  Soup while it lasts on Friday night. Saturday and Sunday Breakfast and Saturday night Dinner.  Band, Games, pre-reg only $42.00.  We have not had T-shirts for sale for quite awhile so we thought we would bring them back this year. Randy Connell thanked the 11 folks who have pre-registered.  He noted that it is EXTREMELY important to pre-register so they have an ACCURATE head count to know how much food to get.  And, if you make a last-minute decision to attend, just call Randy or Judith to let them know you will be coming. 

Randy also noted that this would be the last Vanners for Vanners event, as we have known it.  The recreation hall will be torn down in May.  He also noted that the FVC would have first choice at hosting the refreshment center on Saturday night. The group is already in the process of looking for a different location to host Vanners for Vanners in 2009.


The club is looking at two possibilities.  They are considering an event in Ocala on the 4th and 5th of April in the $60 range.  Call two weeks in advance if you don’t pre-reg.  The hall will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  They are also considering a location in Pierson, with the vets.


Cari noted that the front-end work for the CofC 2008 meeting is going fine.  She is selling ads and working on details of the Pub Crawl.  We will have a 50-50 raffle to get more front money for the CofC 2008 meeting.

Judith noted that the folks in Lake Wales are trying to get a handicapped-accessible playground for the kids in Kiwanis Park, called ”Barney’s Dream”.  A motion by Judith (seconded by C-Van) that the FVC sponsor “Barney’s Dream” this year, in lieu of our usual sponsorship of Meals on Wheels, was carried by a unanimous hand vote.

Spookytooth noted that Vans of Ft. Liquordale celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Keys event.  The club was founded in the Keys in 1977. He also noted that, even though Fiesta Key burned him in 1987, Broward should consider moving the Keys event to Fiesta Key.  He stopped by there on the way back, and found out that all of the old management was gone.  Also, there are no campgrounds available south of Sunshine Key.

Joe Van thanked Tim (from Michigan), Joe Madonia and Junior for their help with the van judging at the Keys.  The van show was really spiced up, and became fun, with the addition of such things as checking for clean oil, etc.  And, the trivia game was an excellent innovation.

Buffalo Bob presented Joe Van with a “Grill Master” plaque for his 9 years of service to the Council with Midnight Grill at the events.  Joe was given a huge round of applause.

Scribe John noted that he needed some help in deciding what vans were to be put on the website as the Cover Van.  Gnarly noted that the content on the website is critical!  The website is our internet presence, and we should always have good content.  Judith asked whether we wanted a “Cover Van”, or a “Readers Ride.”  Buffalo Bob said we wanted both.

Randy Connell said someone could clean up old photos with a photo-editing program and have a Vanning History section, featuring previous show vans.  The discussion ended with the van judge, Buffalo Bob, being in charge of deciding which vans would be used on the website.  The van will be “Reader’s Ride” or “Cover Van”, and will be changed every two months.  Bob will be responsible for selecting the van and making arrangements for getting photos and information on the van, starting with the van for March.  The current plans in place are for Cale’s van to be featured during November and December 2007.  Junior’s van will be featured during January and February 2008.

Randy Connell asked that everyone dig up their old Truck-in trophies (individual and club) and bring them to Vanners for Vanners.  They will be put on a display table, for all to see.

Cale said, “More importantly, bring your ideas on How to Increase Membership to the next meeting.”

Cari made a motion to adjourn and the meeting was concluded.


                                                                                      Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                      Scribe John