June 16, 2007

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Minutes of the June 16, 2007 meeting at Floridian R.V. Resort in St. Cloud are as follows:

Cale Called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the March 17, 2007 meeting were read and approved

There were 6 clubs present and 2 Excused Absence (out of 14 clubs total) during roll call.

Linard gave the Treasurer's report.


Agnes noted that the deadline for input to the next newsletter is ASAP after the NATS, and NOT LATER THAN August 4.


Six Pack said we’re in charge of Gator Tail at the NATS.

Cale requested that anyone who had photos of his old Aerostar mini-van please get in touch with him.


Foreplay                        Foreplay will do an event in 2008.  Details to follow.

Joe Van                         May 23 – 26, 2008

“Potential” event for Memorial Day weekend.  Joe Van said that he wasn’t spending another Memorial Day weekend at home.  If there is no scheduled event for Memorial Day weekend in 2008, then he will be at the Ocala Ranch R.V. Resort, and everyone is welcome to join him.  He said everyone can just pay at the office and we can park together.  We don’t have to have anyone in charge to have an event.  Buffalo Bob disagreed.  A lengthy discussion ensued.


Broward                          October 26 - 28, 2007 

“Gilligan’s Island for Halloween” at Sunshine Key Campground.  Mile marker 39 on U.S. 1 in the Florida Keys.  39 miles north of Key West. Van Show, Trick or Treat, Costume contest, Best Decorated campsite, music and more.  $90 per van, $120 per van with sleep-in trailer.  Extra persons $10 per person.  Info: contact Earl Morris 954-472-0461 morr465@bellsouth.net or Six-pack & Agnes 407-892-6796 skokol@earthlink.net   Linard noted that, the special rate (available for up to 5 days ahead and 5 days afterwards) will be $33.45 per van per night.  RV’s, Motor homes, 5th wheel trailers, and vans pulling sleep-in trailers will cost $50.17 per night.  Also, we will not have the usual Daylight Savings Change (DST) “Fall Back” this year.  The DST will be in early November from now on.

Lew said we’re actually shooting ourselves in the foot because we’re hosting the Keys event in October and the 2008 CofC Meeting in February, just 4 months later.  Many folks can’t afford to go to both, especially with current gas prices.  Buffalo Bob said that the Keys is pricing itself out of range of the vanning community.  Lew commented that, if you just put aside $2 per day, you would have $730 at the end of a year to spend on vanning events for the next year.

Dan’o suggested that we have a “preparation” meeting for the CofC 2008 meeting at the Labor Day event in Ocala.  Cale suggested that anyone interested in a “golf outing” at the Labor Day event contact him.

FVC meeting dates and locations for the remainder of the year are shown below.


Meeting Date


August 11

Floridian R.V. Resort – Boggy Creek Rd. – St. Cloud

November 10

Floridian R.V. Resort – Boggy Creek Rd. – St. Cloud

Carol made a motion to adjourn and the meeting was concluded.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                                Scribe John