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Dan'o and KONG Passenger side Gee, that's pretty high off the ground Nice rain cover
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Rear Front Undercarriage Interior, bed area
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4 wheel shifter Front compartment Interior, drivers side Looking out the side door
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Dano-construction.gif (234946 bytes) Dano-back-doors.gif (221017 bytes)

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More under  carriage shots

I'm ripping out the old

And in with the new. Check those doors.



1978 Chevrolet G30/1ton 4X4 Van


The Power Plant to this awesome ride is a chevy 350, sporting a 600 Elderbrock carb. Auto Trans with factory Pathfinder 4x4 conversion. Ol sckool Warren lock in/ lock out hubs.

The Van also has a mild 10 inch lift, notice I say lift and not filt kit! When this baby was created there was no kits available! Dig !! Ol-Sckool !!

Since my trip to the 2006 Van Nationals and 1 blowout later, the Van will soon be riding on 3 more new 38" mudders.

Also after having the Van now for 10 months (previous care takers, C and JoeVan) I decided it was time to re-do/refresh the van with a new interior!! Like my previous Van "RipTide" this Van to is in need of my mark! Seems like all I been doing is interiors..hummm. anyway back to KONG!

I thought hard about keeping the name Joe had given this beast "Blue Van" but after going to the NATZ and having the Biggest and Tallest Van there (except for the UPS truck that delivered my new tire) and winning 1st place 4x4 chevy the only fitting name for this Van could be KONG!!!!


Hope ya like what I do with it from here!


Coastal Van of Daytona

2% vanner

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